Vintage 1969 Baldwin/Motion Performance Group Catalog

Dateline: 7.11.11
Wanna Drive With the Exotics in 1969? Bring a Boatload of Cash!

I stumbled upon the Baldwin Motion experience almost at the beginning. Actually, I couldn’t miss it! While the particular issue of CARS Magazine is long gone from my collection, I remember it well. A screaming yellow ‘68 Phase III SS-427 Corvette with deep-dish Cragar mags, ‘65-’67 Corvette factory side pipes, a ‘67 427 Corvette hood scoop parted on top of the ‘68 427 hood dome, and a Pontiac hood-mounted tach! WOW!!!

A car such as this had never been in my face before! I bought the magazine and my best friend, Steve Grasso and I POURED over every detail of the cover story for weeks. I took my week’s allowance and sent away for my Baldwin/Motion performance Group catalog and Motion sticker. Two buck, with postage! Worth all 200 pennies, AND, unlike that issue of CARS Magazine, I still have the catalog.

What I didn’t know was that I had been initiated into the high performance world of Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen and Marty “Mr. VETTE Magazine” Schorr. Joel went on to build dozens and dozens of hyper- performance Chevys, and CARS Magazine editor Marty Schorr would not only produce those wonderful “in your face” Motion ads and catalogs, but he would later found VETTE Magazine.

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In June 2011 we launched and the first thing I posted was the catalog sheets for all of Motions “Fantastic Five,” brand new from Baldwin Chevrolet Chevrolet, Phase III Supercars. This was VERY heady stuff for a 15-year old lad in 1969.

Corvettes have always been premium cars, costing at least twice as much as a regular Chevy. The Phase III Corvette cost half as much MORE (and sometimes more so!) than the already stratospherically expensive Corvette, which my father already proclaimed was CRAZY!

Dad – “It ain’t even got a back seat!”

Scott – “But Dad, it’s a CORVETTE!”

Dad – “Don’t be a meathead! It’s a CHEVY! You could get a beau-tee-full Cadillac for that much money!”

Needless to say, Dad and I never saw eye to eye on cars. What’s for sure is that a well maintained ‘69 Baldwin Motion Phase III SS-427 Corvette is today worth a hell-of-a lot more than ANY ‘69 Caddy!

Best be sitting down when you look at the catalog prices. Them’s is 1969 prices! Ah… “Those were the days.”



PS – If the Baldwin Motion Phase III Supercars get your motor running, we invite you to stop by for a cruise through today!