Henderson on C7

Detroit Fox Station airs Live Chat Room:

Ask GM President and Ceo Fritz Henderson

Hosted by Lunch Money newsperson, Murray Feldman.

GM Ceo Answers Questions.
GM Ceo Answers Questions.

GM President Henderson answers the Corvette C7 debut date question or does he?

Fritz Henderson was on MyFoxDetroit.com today (9-3-09) for one hour taking chat room questions. It was a neat setup because there was a live streaming video of Henderson and the Fox host, as well as the scrolling chat window.

As expected there were a ton of questions that were all over the GM map, so not every question was going to be answered. They also had an online GM spokes person answering some of the questions.

I asked three questions and was lucky enough to get one answered… sort of. My question was announced from Scott from New Jersey. The question I asked was, “When will the C7 Corvette be out?”

Mr. Henderson’s demeanor was pretty consistent with other CEO-types I’ve seen over the years – cordial, confident, understated, and at times, a little slippery. When Murray Feldman, the FoxNews host asked my question, Fritz actually got a little excited, like something happened to the seat of his chair.

I’m paraphrasing here slightly, but his response was,

“Wow! Scott must be an insider. (NOT!) We’re getting into some sensitive questions here. Well, we’re keeping the vehicles fresh and new things are in the works.”

Not much of an answer, Fritz.

(A replay of the chat room will be offered later today -9-3-09 onMyFoxDetroit.com)

Here’s a link that should work for a few days at least.

Ask Fritz Henderson

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