What’a STEAL! 1991 Callaway ZR-1 Corvette Sells for $28,000!

1991 Callaway Supernatural 550 Well Bought at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction 9-25-15 – Video


Dateline: 9-25-15 – Car auctions are a ton of fun! I mean it doesn’t take long and the sing-song of the auctioneer starts to have a happy sound. But not as happy as seeing someone getting an awesome deal on a stunning Corvette.

In 1991 the ZR-1 was the “Corvette to die for!” Everything was SO exotic, it’s too bad Chevrolet played it outrageously safe with the body styling that looks almost exactly like a regular Corvette. On well, ZR-1s are still beauties and the only way it could get better was to have Callaway Engineering do their thing on top of what was already Corvette’s flagship model.

The ZR-1 option cost $31,683 ON TOP OF the Corvette’s base price of $32,455, bringing your basic ’91 ZR-1 to $64,138, plus various other trim and creature comforts that were available. This particular conversion was not the $33,000 B2K Callaway Twin-Turbo option, but a Callaway Supernatural 550. “550” designating the LT5’s tweaked engine – a substantial bump from the factory’s 375-horsepower rating.

Just 351 of these Arctic White beauties were made and this one was practically stolen for just $28,000, plus fees, which brought the total to $30,800. The car was nicely personalized with a blue center stripe that runs from front to back, with matching blue spokes on the unique ZR-1 wheels. The car almost could be the great, great, great grandson of one of the Briggs Cunningham 1960 Le Mans racers!


Here are the car’s specs:

Lot #461 – Original sticker price $66,278; only 351 made in Arctic White, original paint and great interior.

Callaway SuperNatural conversion with 550hp and 420 ft/lbs of torque, complete engine rebuild, modified suspension and exhaust, new Michelin sport tires, SuperNatural stainless-steel exhaust, single-mass flywheel, Centerforce clutch, high silicon aluminum pistons, high-performance bearings, cylinder port refinements, camshaft verification and tuning, plenum injector housing intake passages reshaped (as are exhaust passages), 32 valves, three angle-backs cut.

Titanium springs, multiport fuel injection, custom throttle body, coiled springs over independent shock absorbers, anti-roll bar, special rods and half-shafts, 4-piston billet calipers, vented discs, vacuum ABS. Callaway emblems, front and rear and custom Corvette mag rims.

All that, for just $30,800! WOW! Well bought! – Scott