WINNER of our January 2018 “Vette of the Month Photo Contest” – Mike Waal’s 1980 GT Corvette

Mike Waal from Maryland builds a Super Sano 1980 Corvette so that he and his wife Linda can “See the USA in their Chevrolet, CORVETTE!”

Dateline: 2-4-18, Photos by Mike Waal Mike Waal took a sensible approach to building a safe, dependable, reliable 1980 Corvette with the sole purpose of long distance travel. The car fits the “classic” definition of a GT “Grand Touring” car; a road going, lightweight, semi-luxurious coupe, built on a high performance chassis. By 1980 Corvettes had standard creature comforts never imagined in the early days of Grand Touring automobiles. Mike’s addition of the motorcycle trailer completes the package for a “grand tour”.

Mike and Linda have driven their GT Corvette to Portland, Oregon, Florida, New England, the deep south, and many times to one of their favorite places, Watkins Glen. Mike has even parked his GT Corvette in the very spot that Harley Earl parked his Le Sabre concept car and watched the 1951 Watkins Glen race. Earl got the idea for a Chevrolet sports car from watching the races, right there! You could say it was the place where the Corvette was conceived. 🙂 Their next trip will be to the Great American Southwest.

The full story of Mike’s 1980 GT Corvette will be a feature story in the April 2018 issue of Vette Vues Magazine, available mid-February.

Congrats Mike, and Save the Wave!Scott

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