1964-’65 NY World’s Fair Animated Cut-Away 396 Big-Block Engine

“I vant one of dez for Corvette!” – Zora Arkus-Duntov

Dateline: 12.24.18: Main photo from Hemmings.com –  Okay, that’s probably not an “exact” quote for Duntov, but I’m sure that when he found out how much horsepower and torque the new Mark IV big-block made, he said something to that effect.

The Mark IV big-block engine was intended to be a replacement engine for the W-Series 348/407/427 truck engine. But very quickly in the development phase it was discovered that the engine was a torque monster.

When released in spring of 1965 in the Corvette as the 396/425 L78 for only $292, it was obvious that it was easier to make big horsepower and torque with the new big-block to the more exotic and expensive ($538) L84 Fuelie. The rest is history.

Hemmings Daily just posted an in-depth look into another piece of Corvette history that you can check out, HERE.

Photo: SuperChevy.com

To splash their latest in engine development at the New York World’s Fair, Chevrolet had on hand an animated cut-away display of the new engine, plus an animated See-Thur 1965 Corvette Coupe, PLUS a stunning factory custom Corvette.

Photo: Mike Yager / Ed Baumgarten

After all the years of building dynamic Motorama cars, the cut-away 396 big-block, cut-away Corvette, and custom Corvette was a delightful piece of cake for Chevrolet. – Scott

PS – Here’s a rare, in-living color look at the “GM Futurama” at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair. “The Future” had ARRIVED!

The BIG attraction at the New York World’s Fair was the Futurama Ride. It was a LONG wait to get in!