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Corvette Timeline Tales: 10.7.53: Movie Star John Wayne receives 1953 Corvette #051

October 7, 1953Movie Star John Wayne receives 1953 Corvette #051 – Videos Below

Dateline: 10.7.53: It was a rough start for the Corvette. First of all, the concept of the “sports car” had not yet grabbed the attention of mainstream America. Fast, powerful American cars were well known, but they were big, in a time when “more was better and bigger was best!” In truth, the 1953 Corvettes were more like pilot cars. The engineers and assembly workers were figuring things out as they went along in their little, makeshift assembly facility in Flint, Michigan.

Imagine what the American people must have thought in 1953. Here’s a little tiny car (by American standards), with an in-line six and a two-speed Powerglide, no hardtop (convertible only) and no roll-up side windows – for $3,498. The only options were Continue reading

Corvette Timeline Tales: 10.4.73 -The Four-Rotor Experimental Corvette makes its debut at the Paris Salon Automobile Show

October 4, 1973 – The Four-Rotor Experimental Corvette makes its debut at the Paris Salon Automobile Show – Video Below

Photo: GM Archives

Dateline: 10.4.15: GM president Ed Cole spent $50 million dollars for the license to develop and build Wankel engines for Chevrolet cars. The plan was to start with a 2-rotor Wankel as an option in the ’74 Vega in October 1973. But the car biz is part show biz, and what a better way to make a big splash for the new “rotor-motor in a Chevy” concept than to build a super-sexy Corvette with not just a Vega-type 2-rotor Wankel, but a 585-CID, 350-to-370-HP 4-rotor monster! Corvette engineer and Duntov’s right-hand man Gib Hufstader, hand-built the unique engine and said that it could have produced 480-HP!

VP of Styling, Bill Mitchell directed the look of the Four-Rotor and Hank Haga and Jerry Palmer worked out the details. Inspiration for the design came from the Mercedes speed record-breakers of the late ‘30s. Getting to the teardrop shape Mitchell wanted wasn’t easy, but the end result definitely looks like a “Corvette” and Continue reading

2016 Special Edition C7.R Z06 Corvette #001 Sells for $500,000

Dateline: October 2015.  Written, recorded and produced for YouTube by Corvette Report Editor,  Scott Teeters.

Another “First” Corvette brings in the BIG BUCKS

Barrett-Jackson knows how to put on a show. The roster for the 3 day auction fest in Vegas was packed with beauties… and the girls were nice too. But seriously folks, the car and truck eye candy was a treat and #001 2016 Special Edition C7.R Z06 Corvette was saved for later on the last day. With “first and last” cars becoming highly collectible in the Corvette community and with so many models and special editions having been produced, we’ll no doubt see many more of these. Continue reading

Callaway’s New Corvette C7 GT3-R Is A Track Beast – Videos


written by Bogdan Zoltan  as republished from

Callaway’s carbon-fiber suit is the ultimate body-kit for the new Corvette, especially as it transforms the already cool car into a full-on racing machine.

Come to think of it, this is the only way you can make the Corvette C7 cooler than it already is. Beefy aprons, widen fender flares and an ultra-aggressive stance makes it a feast for the eyes; but what else can did you expect from Callaway? Continue reading

1990 CERV III Corvette: The “Finished” Corvette Indy, But Not the Next Vette


Words and Art by K. Scott Teeters as written for Vette Magazine and republished from

Read the other Experimental Vettes Stories HERE.

Trend Setting, Part 13: A look back at Chevrolet’s experimental, prototype, concept car, and show car Corvettes

The CERV III was a real-world version of the Corvette Indy show car. It was also the first functional, electronic high-tech Corvette concept car. There was a long, dry spell of Corvette concept cars after the mid-engine 4-Rotor/Aerovette. Not only did the Corvette go through a total redesign, but electronic computer-control systems enabled fuel-injection to come back and along with it, solid, ’60s-like performance with modern emissions ratings on unleaded gas. Computers were the best thing to happen to the Corvette since the big-block. Now it was time to see how far the envelope could be pushed. Continue reading

1955 Chevrolet Corvette Ready to Race Now at Just 95,000


republished from

Location: Bellflower, CA

Chassis # VE555001196

This particular chassis has no racing history. We restored it from a basket case to commemorate the famous EX87/5951 Corvette which set the 150+ mph speed record at Daytona Beach in January 1956. It is presented as closely as possible to the paint scheme and configuration of that milestone car in Corvette History. Continue reading

Inside the C5 Z06’s LS6 Engine


Words and Art by K. Scott Teeters as written for Vette Magazine and republished from

Illustrated Designer Series No. 221: The First LS-Series Muscle Motor

There are many factors that go into the halo of a Corvette. Most obvious, of course, is the car’s extraordinary good looks. Regardless of the generation, compared to its peers of the day, there was nothing else on the road like a Corvette. A “Vette” has always stood out. “Performance” comes next. Continue reading

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