Amazing Barn Find – C1 Corvette Sat Untouched For 51 Years, Sells For $52,000


BY DREW SINGER as republished from GMAuthority

Dateline October 2015. There’s nothing like a barn find to get the mind wondering about the story behind it, but unfortunately this particular example might just bring a tear to the eye of C1 Corvette enthusiasts.

Here we have a 1954 Corvette C1 that was recently discovered and then sold in May 2015 by Cabin Fever Auctions in Douglassville, PA, where a buyer picked it up for a cool $52,000, according to Corvette Blogger.

The listing doesn’t tell us much about the vehicle, other than the fact it’s finished in Polo White and that it was parked in a barn in 1964, where it sat untouched for 51 years. It’s in a pretty dire state as a result, but hey, at least it’s not covered in crap.

The auction description also lists the car as having a “Scotts” aftermarket hardtop, which was sold separately for $1,000.
So, what else do we know about this C1? Well, its six-cylinder 235 cubic-inch (3.9L) Blue Flame engine looks complete, though we doubt it’s able to summon all 155 original horses in its current state.

Keen observers will also spot a performance upgrade: the multi-carb intake manifold with twin Rochester carburetors, topped off with chrome louvered air cleaners.

It’s sad to see such a sweet ol’ beauty so neglected and we can only hope the new owner does the right thing by getting her back on the road soon.

44 yr barn find

Photo montage from Corvetteblogger