Corvette Timeline Tales: Car Window Sticker Requirement Passed into Law, July 7, 1958

Dateline: 7.8.11

Happy Birthday to an Essential Part of Your Corvette’s History!

To see the larger version of this classic 1958 Corvette MSRP window sticker, click the image.

Fifty three years ago, on July 7, 1958 a federal law was passed requiring car makers to put window stickers on all new cars. New car window stickers have been around for so long, I thought that they’d been around since the beginning. Actually, I never really thought, “Gee, I wonder when window stickers began?”

Of course, back in ‘58 no one probably ever thought that the factory window sticker would one day be an important part of the documentation of cars. Of course, it’s a pretty good guess that most window stickers from the olden days are long gone. But fortunately, GM has all the info connected to every window sticker that’s keyed in with the VIN number of every car they made.

If you have a Corvette but do not have the original window sticker, fret not. Our friends at the National Corvette Museum offer Build Sheet and Window Sticker, HERE

ZIP Products also offers reproduction Corvette window stickers, HERE.

Build sheets and window stickers are the equivalent of a car’s birth certificate. If your Corvette is being restored, it’s the first place to look to see how your car was equipped from the factory. It’s kind of a road map back to the car’s original configuration. Even if you have a Vette that has been modified or you have modified, it’s neat documentation to go with your car.

Part of the FUN of owning a Corvette.