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1978 Corvette History & Art Prints Video Catalog by K. Scott Teeters.

The late ‘70s were indeed “strange dayz” for the Corvette.
 Art, Article and Video production by Scott Teeters

In the late seventies, founding Fathers had all been put out to pasture. Harley Earl was long gone, Ed Cole made his exit in September 1974, Duntov was gone from GM in January 1975, and Bill Mitchell took exit, “stage left” in July 1977. Without angels in the boardroom, what would become of the Corvette?

Fortunately, the afterglow of the work of the Founding Fathers had tremendous momentum, despite power cuts, weight increases, and 100-percent price increase since 1967. The ’77 Corvette set an, all-time-high sale record of 49,213 units. When the ’78 Corvette was introduced on October 6, 1977, the press and public were surprised to see a very handsome facelift – the return of the fastback. Continue reading