Corvette Odd Ball: PizzaMan Dan Spices Up Las Vegas Pizza Expo

 pepperoni corvette

Pepperoni With Your Pizza Corvette???

by Scott Teeters

Ahh, the things people do to Corvettes. Sigh… I suppose “bad publicity” better than “no publicity” and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But is this making you hungry? “You want pepperoni with your pizza Vette?”

Ventura County restaurant chain owner, Dan Collier has made quite a splash last week with his “PizzaMan Dan” Corvette (‘70, ‘71, or ‘72 model) at the Las Vegas Pizza Expo. Yes, there are expos for everything, even the pizza biz. The Pizza Expo showed off the usual offerings of the latest, greatest trends in pizza restaurant offerings, but NO ONE had a PIZZA CORVETTE, except for PizzaMan Dan!

Here’s the Los Angeles Times story.

pepperoni corvette 2

If you just can’t wait to see more pics from the expo (you want strawberries and bananas on your pie???), here’s the slideshow link.

At least it has header-sidepipes and hopefully the car made lots of noise when making deliveries. Momma Mia! That’a spicy Pizza Vette! – Scott

PS – In case you’re in the Ventura County, California area and want to order a pie from PizzaMan Dan, here’s their website…