Corvette Odd-Ball: The One and Only, Falconer V12 “Conan the Corvette”

Dateline: 7.13.11 (Our 100th post!)
Circa 1992: Chevy performance R&D guys do some showing off. Oh, WOW!

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One of the fun things about running a blog is that you can see what people are searching for. It’s interesting to see topics come and go. Next to searches for C7 Corvettes, another common search is for the Falconer Corvette. I covered this car once before, but found some new info and neat things to share.

My wife is always saying to me, “Dude, you sure have the car magazines.” I don’t know how many there are (not 1,000s) but “enough.” Sometimes I even forget what I have. That’s why I was so pleased to find the below May 1992 issue of Motor Trend, with the cover story, “TOP SECRET CHEVYS!” Featuring something AWESOME-LOOKING on the cover. Oh, that’s “Conan the Corvette” AKA the Falconer V-12 Corvette, a 610-cubic-inch, 686-HP, 680-ft/lb of torque monster! In 1992 is was OH! MY! GAUD!!!

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The Falconer Corvette was Corvette Engineering’s “stick-it-in-your-eye!” answer to the V10-powered Dodge Viper. It’s an interesting car from a time when Corvette engineers were still saying, “Let’s try this…” The above December 1992 issue of Motor Trend feature article was written by one of my favorite automotive writers, Don Sherman. If you are into C2 mid-year Corvettes, be sure to pick up Don’s delightful book, “Corvette 427 Practical Restoration of a ‘67 Roadster.” It’s Sherman’s step-by-step journey from start to finish of a real beauty. Read this book and you’ll want to start a resto project. Maybe.

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Super Chevy posted these recent photos of the Falconer taken at the National Corvette Museum. R&D departments are always changing combos and details. Somewhere along the line Conan exchanged his Dymags for a set of lace wheels.

The 686-HP figure is only 50 more than today’s production ZR1. Now that the ZR1’s LS9 engine has been out for several years, builders have learned that there’s LOTS more red meat left in the LS9. While there’s no production V12-powered Corvette (and probably never will be), there doesn’t need to be. Just the same, the spirit of “Conan the Corvette” is very appealing.


PS – I covered the V-12 Falconer in my Illustrated Corvette Series back in 2004. Check it out HERE.