Corvette Odd-Ball: The One & Only 1984 “Zora 1” Corvette

Dateline: 7.30.11
Montgomeryville, PA Corvette enthusiast, Skeets Mariano’s one-of-a-kind, 1984 “Zora 1” Corvette

Back in ‘01, I was talking with a few Corvette club presidents looking for unique production Corvettes in the South Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania area. One club president told me about an area man with a preproduction Corvette with the official model name, “Zora 1.” After a few phone calls, I connected with Corvette racer, collector, and car enthusiast, Skeets Mariano.

Skeets has quite a collection of performance cars, but when I met him in the Summer of ‘01, he only had one car in a climate-controlled bubble – the Bright Red “Zora 1.” Several hours and several rolls of film later I had Skeets’ story and the shots I needed. The story ran on pages 18, 19, and 20 of the April 2002 issue of VETTE Magazine. Below is the story as it ran in the magazine. If you click the page images to see the larger versions and you’ll be able to read the article. – Scott