David Kimble “Art Of The Cutaway Car 2011” Book Update

Dateline: 3.22.12

David Kimble “Art Of The Cutaway Car 2011” Book Update


Sorry Kimble fans, but David's book is SOLD OUT!

In February 2012 I posted a story about technical illustrator, David Kimble’s new book titled, “Art Of The Cutaway Car 2011.” Road & Track Magazine first published an ad for the book last Fall and indicated that Motorbooks International was to be the publisher. After running the post I heard from a friend at MBI that they did NOT publish the book after all and that they weren’t 100-percent certain, but CarTech Books might have had the honor. So, I checked in with my editor at CarTech Books, Scott Parkhurst (Scott edited my Illustrated Corvette Series book in ‘10) and YES, CarTech Books did indeed publish David Kimble’s new book!

But the story is a mix of good news – bad news. Obviously, the good news is that the 168-page, 10” x 12” full-color, $100 book, with 138 illustrations was published, so KUDOS to David Kimble and CarTech. Now the bad news. The book is SOLD OUT! Yes! All 1,000 copies have been scooped up and are no doubt thrilling 1,000-plus readers.

Since the first printing of the books are all sold, the mind wants to know, will more be printed and at what price? It’s a little disconcerting because if you go to Amazon.com, the book’s listing page says that Motorbooks International is the publisher and that no books are available. Also, there’s a mistake on the Amazon listing, as they indicate that the book is only 24-pages. Then if you go to CarTechBooks.com the title is not listed. And over at the world’s largest flea market, eBay.com, there are no listings. Parkhurst explained that since the book is sold out, they are not showing or advertising the book. No doubt, if the book was shown on CarTech’s website, they’d be flooded with requests all asking the same question, “When and where can I get one?” So don’t call them.

Here's the artist, himself, David Kimble, holding his new book, "Cutaway - The Automotive Art of David Kimble."

The book has the attention of the Corvette community because not only has David Kimble created numerous Corvette cutaway technical illustrations, he has created almost the full spectrum of Chevrolet and Corvette engines, plus Corvette chassis art. David has illustrated all kinds of cars, race cars, motorcycles, airplanes, and even the Starship Enterprise! I’m fairly certain that there is a good amount of Corvette technical illustrations in the book. I’ve been a fan of David Kimble’s work for a long time and would buy one even if there wasn’t a single Corvette or Chevy anything in the book. He’s that good!

Obviously those that bought Kimble’s book are holding on to their purchase. If any copies do show up on Amazon or eBay, I’m certain that they’ll be MUCH MORE than the original list price. – Scott

PS – If you own a copy of David Kimble’s book, please get in touch with us and let us know what you think!

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3 thoughts on “David Kimble “Art Of The Cutaway Car 2011” Book Update

  1. The Problem I have is the price even before it sold out $100 is steep in this economy so I am surprised it sold out.I don’t know why there are no USED copies-if you brought some to store away share them now and sell a couple on Amazon and ebay but please not for $100. Also David Kimble will come out with a Corvette Racing book in DEC 15 2012,Titled: Corvette Racing:The Complete Competition History from Sebring to Le Mans. it will be a 256 Page(sadly) Hardcover. it has a different ISBN and not to be confused with Corvette Racing Six Generations of Racing from Sebring to Le Mans which was the old title and old ISBN still on Amazon and has a Facebook fan page.

  2. Hi Jose,
    Thanks for your comments. I completely relate to what you are saying about the economy. Perhaps it’s a bit like the astonishing success of the iPad. I don’t own one because I have 3 tower computers and a laptop, so I really don’t “need” one. But, it’s one hell of’a gizmo. Apple just sold 3 million iPads in 3 days!!! And the base model is $500!!! I call that, “Outselling hotcakes!!!”

    So, maybe David Kimble has a more loyal and larger fan base that we all realized. I understand that the publisher is trying to figure out what to do for a follow up and not anger those that bought the book for $100. Each book WAS signed and numbered by the master artist, so that’s worth something too. Eventually, a few copies will show up on Amazon and eBay, but no seller is going to let them go cheap.

    Stay tuned to CorvetteReport.com because as soon as I hear something about a second edition or follow up version, I’ll be posting it here.Save the Wave! – Scott

  3. Hi Jose,
    Thanks for your comments. I LOVE the fact that Porsches are as big as they are today. But how come magazines such as Road & track, Car & Driver, Motor trend, and others never lay a glove on Porsche for their increasing girth and prices way north of $100K. You never hear those automotive journalists scolding Porsche with comments such as, “Too bulky!” “Too expensive!” “Out of touch with regular guys!” “ Not suited for Americans!” “Old world design!”

    No, instead, Motor Trend made a video road test that was fun to watch between a C6 Corvette Grand Sport and a 911 S Porsche, and NEVER mentions the almost $50,000 price difference! No, they just whined and complained about the crude old plastic Corvette with the junky seats. Heck! You could get a C6 Grand Sport AND a SS Camaro for the price of the 911. But, they didn’t mention that.

    I think what it comes down to is that there have always been and always will be those that would only embrace the Corvette if it was made in very limited quantities in Stuttgart and cost twice what it does today. Nuff said! – Scott

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