David Kimble “Art Of The Cutaway Car 2011” Book Update

In February 2012 I posted a story about technical illustrator, David Kimble’s new book titled, “Art Of The Cutaway Car 2011.” Road & Track Magazine first published an ad for the book last Fall and indicated that Motorbooks International was to be the publisher. After running the post I heard from a friend at MBI that they did NOT publish the book after all and that they weren’t 100-percent certain, but CarTech Books might have had the honor.

So, I checked in with my editor at CarTech Books and learned… Read More

Corvette Book Review: “Legendary Corvettes”

Let me get this out of the way, up front. I love this book! For Corvette lovers, like us, this book is a visual delight. Veteran automotive writer, Randy Leffingwell and seasoned photographer, Dave Wendt have teamed up to present a visual and literary trip through 18 unique Corvettes.

As you page through the book, keep in mind that the images you see have not been PhotoShopped – they are “photographs.” Now “novel.” Wendt is a master at lighting. This is photographic “art.”

Keep in mind that our criteria for this book is, “Vettes Made Famous On Track And Screen.” After I had that settled in my head, everything was fine. Our visual trip begins at the beginning – the 1953 Corvette. The images draw out the inherent beauty of the car. It was just too good-looking to give up on, by a few very important people. That’s where Leffingwell’s prose lays out the stories. Read More

Tom Falconer & James Mann C4 Corvette Book Review

The introduction of the C4 Corvette in the Fall of ‘83 was a much anticipated automotive event. Times were tough through the ‘70s and no one anticipated in ‘68 that the new Mako Shark-inspired car would have a 15-model-year production run. And when you consider that the car was riding on a chassis designed in ‘60-’61 for the C2 Sting Ray, it’s all the more amazing that the late C3 cars set all-time sales records.

Just like all Corvettes from the beginning, the C4 was a car that was in constant evolution. Every year, Corvette Chief Engineer, Dave McLellan and his devoted crew of engineers and stylists made small improvements, with an occasional big leap forward. Little did we know when the C4 was first shown at the end of ‘83 that this Corvette generation would last almost as long as the C3 generation – 13 model years. Read More

The Corvette Factories by Mike Mueller, A Review

Mike Mueller is one of the most prolific Corvette authors today. He has dozens of Corvette and other car books to his credit. In 2008 Mike started work on his latest Corvette book, “The Corvette Factories – Building America’s Sports Car” published by Motorbooks International (ISBN 978-0-7603-3551-2) Mike takes you on a factory tour from ‘53 to today.
This book is beautifully designed and the photos are a treat. You’ll be familiar with some of the images, but most are new to the public. There are pictures of the mahogany bucks for the first fiberglass bodies that were pure art. You also get the sense of how much hand labor goes into building a Corvette, or any other car for that matter. Think it’s easy work on an assembly line building cars? Think again. Read More

Social Media is Catalyst that Gets New Corvette Book Published!

LinkedIn Plays Key Role in Getting K. Scott Teeters his Illustrated Corvette Series Book Deal! The Creation of the Illustrated Corvette Series by K. Scott Teeters. Scott Parkhurst connected with me because he was familiar with my illustration work with one of the many car magazines I’ve freelanced for. Here’s what’s cool about LinkedIn. As a member, you can post announcements that go out to everyone in your Connections List. One day I read an announcement that Scott Parkhurst was now the New Acquisitions Editor at CarTech Books. I thought, “Wait a minute. I sent those guys a proposal and they never got back to me.” I emailed Scott, told him that I had pitched CarTech Books months ago. Scott must be a real, “Do it NOW!” kind of guy because he got right on it. Within a few days, we had a verbal agreement to do the book! Read More

Motion Performance by Martyn L. Schorr; Book Review

Book Review: Motion Performance – Tales Of A Muscle Car Builder by Martyn L. Schorr – Forward by Joe Oldham. Review by K. Scott Teeters. I’ll say this up front. I was NOT disappointed with this book. Actually, I had a tough time putting it down. Author, Martyn L. Schorr is THE man to tell this story because not only was he there as CARS Magazine editor, he helped plan, develop, promote, and market the entire enterprise. Plus, he got to drive most of the Baldwin-Motion Phase III Supercars! Read More