From K. Scott Teeters Magazine Archives: Muscle Car Classics – The History of Muscle Cars Series

Dateline: 7.14.11
Lost & Found – Some Corvette material from one of my old magazine series.

Click the image for a MUCH larger image.

I have been fortunate enough to have had my automotive art published in various car magazines since 1975. My current series in VETTE Magazine, “The Illustrated Corvette Series” is now into its 15th year. But ICS is not the first “series” I have had. Actually, ICS is my 8th series. My previous series were:

“Imagineering” for VW & Porsche Magazine

“Blueprint Series” for Guide To Muscle Cars

“Profile” for Fabulous Mustangs & Exotic Fords

“Retrospect: Drag Racing History” for Super Stock & Drag Illustrated

“Look’n Back” for IHRA Drag Review

“The History of Muscle Cars” for Muscle Car Classics

“Profile” for Kit Car Magazine

While looking for some article reference, I came across my collection of “Muscle Car Classics” magazines and found the above article. Honestly, I had forgotten about this one for two reasons.

First, the art was done 20 years ago. And second, the magazine was a Petersen Publishing magazine. When you worked for Petersen, they kept all article copy, photos, and art. On the back of the pay check was a notices that said that when you sign the check, you sign over all rights to the work and Petersen owns the property.

That was the deal – take it or leave it.

So, unlike every other publisher I ever freelanced for, when I sent the car art in, I never saw it again. And since then Petersen titles have been sold, bought, and sold many, so WHO KNOWS where my 20 or so originals are. Oh well. It’s a good thing I keep my magazines!


PS – I have one more Corvette illustrated story from the “History of Muscle Cars” series that I’ll post soon.