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We have another new print in our Etsy Shop, “ManCaveCarArt”, as recently seen in my latest Corvsport article.

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   Scott Teeters here. Last year I started writing and creating graphics for the new online Corvette magazine, “Corvsport”.

My latest Corvesport project is a series of six stories highlighting interesting Corvettes from the C2 1965-1967 L79 327/350 4-speed Corvettes to the C6 2008-2013 Z51 Corvettes.

The second of the six stories covers the 1980 Corvette. This is a Corvette with unique possibilities.

Corvette engineers trimmed a lot of weight off the car, also, the car’s engine is still old school. There’s a lot that can be done to free up power with just what came stock with the car. Or, a 383 stroker crate engine and a Tremic 5 or 6-speed transmission! This can create a street machine that’s quick and can loaf along at highway speeds are low rpms.

Next up in the series, I will cover the 1996 350/330 LT4, six-speed Corvette.

This is arguably THE most underrated C4 Corvette. It will cost a little more than any of the other year C4s, but the car represents the “finished” C4. The 350/330 LT4 with the most powerful classic Chevy small-block ever offered that can easily deliver late 60s-like performance.

In 2024 it is easy to spend over $100,000 for a new C8. But you don’t have to break the bank for a cool performance Corvette. It might not be a stump-puller, low E.T., top-speed machine, but will be a fun street machine.

For each installment of the CorveSport series, I create unique layouts that are made available as 12” x 18” and 16” x 24” canvas posters and canvas wraps. The canvas posters are delivered in a stiff mailing tube. The canvas wraps are ready to hang on your wall and are well-packed in a poly-bag and flat box.

The prints are available in our Etsy store.

We have been online with Etsy since 2017, have over 1,500 prints and other car items, and we are Etsy Star Sellers.

As new print layouts are created I will let you know when the prints are available.

We hope you enjoy the new series of stories and graphics. You can subscribe to Corvsport HERE!

Until next time. – Scott

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