Vette Videos: Jeremy Clarkson Gushes All Over the C6 Z06 at Willow Springs Raceway

Dateline: 9.20.11
But on the street, it’s grump, Grump, GRUMP!

Jeremy Clarkson from the TV program, “Top Gear” arguably has the best car-guy job on the planet! All he has to do is drive, burn rubber,  and critique. And his critiques are usually, ah, I’ll be a lot nicer that the comments people leave on YouTube, and describe them as “crabby.”

Clarkson starts off flogging the pants off the 505-horsepower C6 Z06 at Willow Springs Raceway and is just about besides himself! He loves what the car will do on the track and has WAY too much fun rear-wheel-drifting the “Zed-Oh-Six” as he calls the car. (He’s a Brit, so we’ll cut him a little slack!) Everything is sweetness, light, and adrenaline… COOL!

Then, it’s out on to real roads – that’s when the “Clarkson grumping” begins! It’s no surprise that the C6 Z06 is closer to a track car than a GT street machine. And with 505 “net” horsepower, the overall package is more like a C3 L88 with quasi-street manors… sort of. What always amuses me is how once a performance car gets over a certain price point, they’re all lumped together. So, while Clarkson rips on the C6 Z06 for excessive road noise and harshness, he compares the Zed-Oh-Six to the Ferrari 599, which at $310,543, costs nearly THREE TIMES the Z06 Corvette.

Which begs the question, what would a “Zed-Oh-Six” experience be like with another $140,000 into the car? Could Clarkson handle it???  – Scott


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