C5 Corvette vs Toyota Prius in a Fuel Mileage Shootout!

This is NOT your grandfather’s 12-MPG Vette

“High performance” can be measures in many ways. While a “Corvette vs Prius” match up is truly apples and oranges for many obvious reasons rather silly, this competition is strictly a fuel efficiency contest.

(BOTH hands on the steering wheel, Prius “driver!”)

The video presents no background info on the two cars, so we don’t know the age of the Prius and since we never see anything other than the very front and rear of the C5, it could be anywhere from a 7-to-15-year old Corvette. After traveling 42.7 miles, the Corvette used just 1.402 gallons of gasoline, netting out 30.4 mph. The Prius drank only 1.083 gallons, netting out an impressive 39.4 mpg.

So, no real big surprise that the techy Prius beat out the big Detroit machine. Now here comes the big “BUT.” Toyota’s high tech green machine only bested the old Vette by NINE MILES PER GALLON! The first think I though was, “How would an LS3-powered C6 Corvette performed in this competition?”

Maybe someday, the cool dudes at Garage 419 will do a C6 Corvette vs Prius Mileage Smackdown. What this informal comparison shows is high level of engineering that went into the C5 Corvette. Over the last few years since GM and Ford had to get bailed out, it was sport taking potshots at Detroit’s cars. Yes, all three of the American car makers birthed a few turkeys, but GM’s flagship Corvette was NOT one of them.

I’d like nothing better than to see GM and all of the Detroit car makers rise to the engineering excellence of the Corvette. In the mean while, hey guys at Garage 419, how’s about a rematch? Only this time, put a LS3 C6 Corvette against Toyota’s little larva-like Prius.




PS – I like the Prius, I really do. I think it’s a fantastic entry into the next generation of automotive technology. But I like Corvettes BETTER!

SPECIAL THANKS to the cool dudes at Garage 419. They are having WAY TOO MUCH fun! Check out their collection of fun car videos HERE.