Does Restomodding Make This C3 Corvette Awesome? VIDEO

77 restomod

by Collin Woodard as republished from Road and Track
“This car’s from the 70s when everything smelled of man-musk…and the cologne used to cover up said musk.”

Dateline 11.18.15: Oh, Mr. Regular is reviewing another Corvette? Hasn’t he already reviewed a C3 Corvette?​ Why do another one? This Corvette is a little bit different, though. This Corvette is a restomod. Specifically, this is Neal’s restomod. You remember Neal, right? He’s the guy who rescued the Vagabond Falcon.

When he’s not busy rescuing Vagabond Falcons, Neal drives a Corvette he’s restored. Today, he sits down with Mr. Regular to go through everything that makes the C3 awesome.

Can a C3 Corvette actually be awesome? After listening to Neal, the answer might actually be yes.

Enjoy this Video interview: