FINALLY! Clear Images of the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette! CAST YOUR VOTE!

Yes, these C8 Mid-Engine Corvette mules are wearing camo, but at least the vinyl pads are off!

It’s getting close. Mid-engine Corvette mules have been seen on public roads wearing that crazy camo wrap, but at least we can see the basic shapes. The headlights taillights, front grille openings and engine cover are probably “holder” pieces, as they look too awkward to be the finished details.

All of the major car magazines and blogs are all over this showing the same images. Check them out from, HERE.

Our friend Chris Draper, star of the YouTube channel, “My Corvette Life” has different images that he got from his friend Rick Conti.

I’ve seen this over and over in the past. As the grand debut closes in, photos surface with odd, misshapen, goofy-looking parts and pieces that make the mules look, well, like ugly mules. However, this latest batch of images definitely shows the general shape and proportion. That is, unless the mule body is a total con job.

Back in 1962 Duntov took a mule Sting Ray to Daytona for some testing. The engine, chassis and running gear was a full-out 1963 production setup. But the body was neither fish, nor fowl. The nose was that of the upcoming 1963 Sting Ray, but the from the doors back was a 1962 Corvette. And it was UG-LY!

Okay, time to weigh in. Check out the images, watch the video and cast your vote below and let us know what you think of what you see so far.

Based on the latest images, is the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette making you warm?

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Here’s my 2-cents. I’m not liking the overall shape.

The nose is too stubby and the car’s butt is Kardashian-size. The big side scoop is probably correct, as it is consistent with the images we saw last month of the camoed C8.R. The rear flank is so large that it makes the real wheel opening look small.

Mid-engine cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and even the Ford GT are sleek, sensual, and sometimes sinister-looking. Sorry, but I’m not seeing that with the latest images of the mid-engine C8 Corvette. Corvettes are all about looks and performance. I’m sure the C8 will be a beast. I hope they don’t screw the pooch on the looks.

They should NOT anger the ghost of Bill Mitchell!Scott