Jalopnik Says This is the C7 2014 Corvette


Dateline: 11.14.11
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With less than two years to go, Jalopnik.com says this is the C7 Corvette. Believe it… or NOT!

To see the front, rear, and side-view renderings, just click the above image.

Oh course, we won’t know for sure until Chevrolet wants us to know for sure. But Jalopnik.com is claiming that THIS is the the new C7 Corvette, as photographed by someone that isn’t supposed to be photographing things inside the design center. If this isn’t a carefully contrived leak created to stoke the Corvette loyal and faithful, then someone will either NEVER be allowed inside again or someone will be fired!

At the earliest, we’re looking at a “possible” Spring release of the ‘14 C7 Corvette, which puts that 18 months or so out ahead of us now. Will Chevrolet just show us the C7 in Spring ‘13 as the ‘14 C7 Corvette, or will they be taking orders for the ‘14 C7 Corvette? We don’t know. Will the C7 be shown at the Summer press preview so that as the magazines can splash the C7 Corvette at the news stands in early September, along with the rest of the new ‘14 cars? We don’t know.

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What is certain is this. Because of the Internet and the blogosphere, if the C7 is released in the Spring or shown to the press as part of the Summer “14 preview, as soon as the car is “officially” shown, it will be all over the net in a matter of nanoseconds!  But for now, thanks to the astonishing photo realistic quality of modern imaging technology, what we are looking at here “could” be a created image. Digital technology is fantastic, but it has completely blown away the credibility of photographic images. In other words, today, thanks to computers, you CAN NOT always believe what you see.

So, while these images are tantalizing, the fact of the matter is that we’ll just have to wait and see. However, there is one thing that is certain. The C7 Corvette is arguably THE most anticipated new Corvette ever, and expectations could not be higher. The car has to be head and shoulders above the C6 in every way; aesthetics, technological advancement, interior design, and performance. If any of those parameters do not show a significant improvement over the existing car, Chevrolet will get slammed like never before. “No pressure!” right? In the mean time, I wonder what’s really under that hood? – Scott

PS – To see all three of the Jalopnik renderings, CLICK HERE.

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