C7 Update: Is This the Upcoming C7 or a Camaro Fastback?

Can car companies “lose their way” when it comes to styling in the pursuit of “let’s do something different?” Absolutely. All you have to do is look at the past history of the Ford Thunderbird and Mustang. The classic T-Bird eventually became a bloated box car and the sporty Mustang became… something. The same with the Camaro. The fourth generation Camaro was so “lost,” customers simply bought something else, and GM eventually completely walked away from the Camaro concept after ‘02. Then Ford sucker punched Chevy with the retro Mustang in ‘05 and it took GM five years to deliver their retro Camaro that’s more like the 40-something bloated Elvis. While the King could still belt out a song, OH – MY – GOD, he was BIG. Same with the latest Camaro. Read More

Vette Polls: C7 Corvette Update: Is this IT???

Don’t you just love a nice surprise in your mailbox? You know, a nice fat IRS tax refund, a Publishers Clearance Warehouse winner notification, or a letter from an old flame. (okay, maybe not that last one) The April 2012 issue of Car and Driver arrived in my mailbox today and I was greeted with what appears to be the real car that the November 2011 Jalopnik illustrations were based upon. It’s SO hard to tell computer rendered cars these days. “Usually” computer images are a little too flashy and that’s the telltale sign. A year, or less, from now, we’ll know for sure how spot on Jalopnik and Car and Driver are. Read More

C7 Report – Styling Analysis of the Jalopnik C7 ZR1 Renderings

Back on November 14, 2011, Jalopnik.com dropped a fire bomb on the Corvette community with three renderings of what they claim to be, accurate illustrations of a ZR1 version of the C7 Corvette. Chevrolet immediately said, “Thanks, but WRONG, Jalopnik!” And Jalopnik called GM’s response, “a weak ass denial…” Okay, play NICE, everyone!

So, it’s been almost three month and if you read through the various forums and blog comments, not everyone is jazzed about what they see. Check out my full analysis of the alleged C7 Corvette, as per Jalopnik.com. Read More

Jalopnik Says This is the C7 2014 Corvette

Oh course, we won’t know for sure until Chevrolet wants us to know for sure. But Jalopnik.com is claiming that THIS is the the new C7 Corvette, as photographed by someone that isn’t supposed to be photographing things inside the design center. If this isn’t a carefully contrived leak created to stoke the Corvette loyal and faithful, then someone will either NEVER be allowed inside again or someone will be fired! Read More

Vette Videos – Vette Polls: C6 ZR1 Corvette vs All-Wheel-Drive Lamborghini LP670-4 SV

The other day I was sharing with you the November 2011 Road & track cover story about the 2-second club – three world-class sports cars capable of 0-to-60 in LESS than 3-seconds. Club members include the Nissan GT-R Premium, the Porsche 911 Turbo S, and the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. All three cars had AWD and except for the nuts-o 1,183-HP Bugatti, the other two members have LESS horsepower that the ZR1. Plus, the ZR1 weighs 225-pounds LESS than the Porsche. So, the Corvette with a 106-horsepower advantage isn’t in the club, what’s up with that? “All-wheel-drive” boys and girls. Read More