Scale Visions’ 60th Anniversary Salute to the 1954 (Corvette) Corvair

1954 Corvair Motorama Show Car 1/25 scale model benefits the “Chip Miller Charitable Foundation” at ’14 Corvettes At Carlisle

 1-Corvair-Nomad-ModelsBy guest columnist, Don Theune (Slide Show at bottom)

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 1954 Corvette,  “Scale Visions” has created two of the 1954 Motorama show cars – the Corvette-based “Corvair” and “Nomad.” One of which (1954 Corvette Corvair) shall be donated to raise funds & awareness for the “Chip Miller Charitable Foundation.” Scale Visions has been donating significant works of Automotive Art to the Corvettes at Carlisle charitable auctions since it began in 1996, and as help raise tens of $1,000’s for the various causes

The Corvette-based Corvair, Nomad & Corvette Hard Top were concept cars built by Chevrolet and introduced at the 1954 General Motors Motorama in New York City. The experimental concept 1954 Corvette Corvair (the name combined Corvette & BelAir into “Corvair”) Nomad, and Hard Top, unfortunately never made it into production.

2-Nomad-ModelScale Visions has been creating the “Perfect gift, for the person who has everything!” (Exact Model Replicas of Your Corvette) for more than 23 years. They have been an institution at Corvettes at Carlisle for many of those years. The “works of Automotive Art” are so realistic and life like, it is hard to discern the difference between photos of the original 1/1 Corvette and its 1/25 scale counterpart.

In May 2013 Don Theune was a guest on my radio program, Far Out Radio. Enjoy the program. – Scott

Although Scale Visions as been creating production year Corvettes, (even the C6 Grand Sports), little is known as to what’s “hidden behind the curtain” at the Scale Visions Studio. This 1954 Corvair (and the Nomad) are merely “sneak peeks” as what’s in store, to be “unveiled” in the not-to-distant future, for the decimating Corvette collector.

3-Corvair-ModelFrom the Rumor Mill
There’s also rumor of Scale Vision’s “Precession Promo Reproduction” line. From what we understand the “PPR” line shall be refurbished, reconditioned rare promo models in the factory stock colors, as well as a few exciting rare colors from the Corvette color spectrum (i.e. 1965 Glen Green, 1966 Trophy Blue or Mossport Green, 1973 Blue-Green etc.) We’ll of course keep you posted

Feeling lucky?
If you are attending the 2014 Corvettes at Carlisle Show, tickets will be available to win the 1954 Corvair (1 for $5, 3 for $10) for a “chance to win” this rare piece of Corvette history at the “Scale Visions” display, in building ” T ” (Chips Choice) spaces 10 and 11, and where ever else the “CMCF” booth(s) are set up at the 2014 Corvettes at Carlisle

For more information, contact: Scale Visions 
Facebook: Scale Visions (*Scale Corvettes)

5-Corvair-Real-CarBack Story on the 1954 Motorama Corvettes
The 1954 Corvair’s fastback styling with chopped off tail was influenced by European designs. In Europe, designers were more concerned about aerodynamics than American designers were. Note the hood vents and front fender “gills”, which were both scrapped on the production Corvette. Like its siblings, the Corvair used the same front design, though it also sported ribbed air intakes on the hood that routed fresh air to the interior and fender vents that allowed heat to escape the engine compartment.

In typical Corvette fashion, the Corvair also had a wraparound windshield, with nearly vertical A-pillars like the Nomad, but without the wing windows. The roof was aircraft-inspired, sweeping back and tapering gracefully, eventually ending at the chrome-trimmed license plate housing, which resembled a jet-fighter exhaust port.

The roof was also interesting in a couple of other ways. First, it gave a glimpse of the quarter window and C-pillar treatment of the 1958 Chevrolet line, much like the Biscayne did a year later. Secondly, the addition of a fastback roof did not alter the Corvair’s interior layout.

6-Corvair-Real-CarOne would have expected that it would have had a finished-off cargo area, perhaps even equipped with fitted luggage, as was a common practice with sports cars at the time. Instead, the body appeared to have the roof grafted right on to a production Corvette, as there is no storage area behind the seats. The stock trunk area is used with a deck lid contoured to the new roofline. The seats had the production fiberglass divider between them, just like a stock Corvette roadster. The area is even body-colored, which actually makes for a very attractive, albeit unusual interior layout for a closed coupe. The remainder of the interior is largely stock, with custom white seat covers and chromed interior C-pillar trim pieces.

Unfortunately for this particular machine, it was the only one of the three that did not reach production in some form. With very slow Corvette sales in 1953 and 1954, product planners felt that the Corvair was too high a gamble. Besides, the Corvette’s first refresh was already in the works for the ’56 model that would be out in the Fall of ’55. The time for a Corvette fastback eventually did come, though nearly a decade later and on a new-generation machine. DT









For more information, contact: Scale Visions 
Facebook: Scale Visions (*Scale Corvettes)