Scale Visions’ 60th Anniversary Salute to the 1954 (Corvette) Corvair

1954 Corvair Motorama Show Car 1/25 scale model benefits the “Chip Miller Charitable Foundation” at ’14 Corvettes At Carlisle  By guest columnist, Don Theune (Slide Show at bottom) Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 1954 Corvette,  “Scale Visions” has created two of the 1954 Motorama show cars – the Corvette-based “Corvair” and “Nomad.” One of which (1954… Read More

FOR SALE – C6.R Ridemakerz Corvettes

So after 2-1/2 years of enjoying the cars on a shelf in my Man Room, I decided it’s time to let someone else enjoy them. So, they’re FOR SALE. Each car is complete, ready to enjoy and has the R/C (radio controlled) chassis with lights and sound, a controller, battery charger and a selection of accessories. A maxed out RideMakerz car cost around $100 new. So, we’re letting each car go for just $50, plus shipping. Each car functions and is sold “AS IS.” The Jake C6.R was a very limited edition version and does not come with the external hood mounted engine, side pipes, wheelie bars, etc. it’s presented as the Corvette Racing “Jake” Corvette Read More

RideMakerz Builds the C6.R Corvette for Their “You Build Your Ride” Toy Business

There’s a new toy car maker on the scene called RIDEMAKERZ, that offers a unique toy car experience for today’s fathers and sons with a driving passion for cars and Corvettes. The expression, “the difference between the men and the boys, is the price of the toys” has been around long before Corvettes arrived in ‘53. Sure, Corvettes are a blast to drive, but they aren’t terribly “useful” automobiles and fall closer to “toy” status. It wasn’t long after Chevy’s “plastic” sports car arrived that the toy versions starting showing up in stores. At first they were mostly crude die-cast, cast iron, and tin metal replicas – a far cry from the hot-looking RIDEMAKERZ toy cars of today. Read More