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Stunning 3D Printed LS3 Corvette Model Engine – Video


Dateline: 1.7.17 – 3D Printing Makes Working LS3 Corvette Model Engine

Most of us are at least lightly familiar with 3D Printing. It’s an amazing leap that has its roots in ink jet printing. Back in 1990 I bought the first HP ink jet printer as an alternative to a cheap $150 dot matrix or an expensive $2,500 laser printer. The HP Ink-Jet Printer cost me $950 and was promoted as a “deal.” But we never dreamed that the basic mechanics of the back-and-forth spraying of ink would one day lead to the spraying of a sub-strait material to build 3D “things”! Here’s the video…

All of the parts of this kinetically functioning LS3 model engine were 3D printed and the parts all go together just like the real thing. This is delightfully awesome! Only the small screws and bolts are over-the-counter metal parts. Enjoy! – Scott


Here’s the description from the YouTube page…

Fully working LS3 model. Everything was 3d printed except for the bearings and fasteners. Some parts were modeled from CAD files floating around the internet while others were modeled from pictures, repair manuals, and diagrams.

Over 200 hours of total printing time, over 2 kg of filament.
Everything was printed on homemade RepRap prusa i3s.
All in PLA plastic. Goes together just the like real thing.

Download and print your own. All my files, parts lists, and instructions can be found on ThingiVerse

Fully printed engines can be purchased, just message me.
Hardware Kits to build your own and the engine stand that will also fit my other models will also be available soon, just check out the ThingiVerse page.


The below art print of the C6 LS3 Corvette engine is available in my Amazon.com store HERE.


The print is made on tan-colored, 11×17 parchment paper, signed, and number by the artist, me! Price, just $24.95, plus $6.95 S&H.


And for Corvette history buffs, here’s my Corvette Engine montage of 20 Corvette engines from the original Blue Flame Six to the mighty 650-horsepower Z06 LT4! Available HERE!


The print is made on tan-colored, 11×17 parchment paper, signed, and number by the artist, me! Price, just $24.95, plus $6.95 S&H.


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