Farewell to Fitness Guru AND Corvette Fan, Jack LaLanne

Let’s all do a few pushups in memory of Jack!

Here’s LaLanne and his ’05 Corvette. Did Jack test the Corvette’s performance capability? You betcha!

If you are a baby-boomer like me and remember black & white TV, there’s no way you could have missed Jack LaLanne. So, it was especially sad to see another cultural icon of Post WW II America pass away. (David Nelson, member of the Nelson family of TV’s “The Ozzy & Harriet Show” died January 11, 2011) Jack passed at his home in Morro Bay, California of respiratory failure due to pneumonia. LaLanne was 96 years young.

What immediately came to my mind when I read the news were grainy TV images of an effervescent, enthusiastic, guy with a very narrow waist, very broad shoulders, and big arms, exercising as if he could do that all day, every day, and LOVE every minute of it!

What most of the public didn’t know about LaLanne was that he was a passionate car lover with a long affection for Corvettes. Continue reading “Farewell to Fitness Guru AND Corvette Fan, Jack LaLanne”