Coming Attractions For The Illustrated Corvette Series!

Scott Teeters Illustrated Corvette Series

1978 – 2003 Special Edition Corvettes

Things have been COOK’N here at Free Spirit Enterprises. Last month, not only was our Illustrated Corvette Series book released for publication, but we launched a new website, With those two big projects behind us, we’ll now have more time for The CorvetteReport blog.

So, here’s what’s coming up in The Illustrated Corvette Series, as well as some BIG NEWS at VETTE Magazine.

The current November 2010 issue of the New & Improved VETTE Magazine, features Illustrated Corvette Series No. 161 – Special Edition Corvettes – Pt. 1. This is a 2-page color spread covering the Special Edition Corvettes from 1978 to 2003. Part II will be in the December issue of VETTE and cover the Special Edition Corvettes from 2004 to 2011.

The World’s Only, Gas Turbine-Powered Corvette

The January 2011 issue of VETTE will have my Illustrated Corvette Series No. 163 column that covers the Vince Granatelli-built, jet turbine-powered ‘78 Corvette. This car was featured on the cover of the November ‘79 issue of Motor Trend magazine. Happily, the car is alive and well in Ohio. And, it still runs!

K Scott Teeters Illustrated Corvette Series

So, that’s what’s been completed and is in the works for the next two issues of VETTE. Next week I’ll be rolling into Illustrated Corvette Series No. 164 and will cover the first Fuelie Corvette engine from 1957. I’ve covered many Corvette engines in the series and thought it was time to take a look back at the first fuelie. While fuel-injection has become commonplace today, back in the ‘50s, this was very exotic stuff! Yes, those early Fuelies could be temperamental, but fuel-injection had to start somewhere.

K Scott Teeters Corvette History

The New & Improved VETTE Magazine

And lastly, the “new and improved” November 2010 issue of VETTE Magazine has arrived in subscribers mailboxes and newsstands. The new format looks SUPER! The magazine now has 98 pages (18 more than before), measures 10-7/8” x 8” (3/8” larger in both directions), has a “perfect binding” with the magazine title, date, and main stories so that collectors can see the issue info if placed on a bookshelf, and much nicer, thicker paper. And, VETTE has same price per issue at the newsstand! The entire magazine has a new layout and looks terrific!

That’s all for now. Save the Wave! – Scott