Unique Corvette Laser Art Prints

Corvette Laser Art

C5 2001 – 2004 Zo6 Corvette Laser-Etched Art Print

How the New Corvette Laser Art Line Came to Be

by Illustrated Corvette Series Vette Magazine  Columnist and Book of Same Name Author, K. Scott Teeters

Apple Computer spokesperson, Guy Kawasaki is famous for saying, “The “idea” for a thing is the easy part. The hard part is the implementation.” That statement is spot on for hot we came to be  offering our new line of Laser-Etched Corvette prints.

Old School – New School

It’s a mildly sobering realization that you are “old school.” I’ve been in commercial art and graphics since 1975 – 35 years. Geezerness starts to kick in when I think about how I used to create graphics in the prehistoric, pre-computer days. Back in the late ‘90s I had an associate make some serigraphs (silk screened prints) of a brightly-colored graphic treatment I did of one of my line drawings of a ‘66 big-block Corvette race car. I dutifully created a “mechanical” with amberlith overlays for the bright fluorescent red and chartreuse yellow that was to be trapped behind the final screen pull of the black line art of the car. Computer color separations were the new norm and my friend got a big kick out of my old world mechanicals. “Wow! I haven’t seen one of these in years!” Bill said. “We do all this on the Mac now. Don’t worry, we’ll get your serigraphs done.”

Corvette Laser Art prints

Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvette

Brain Storms – The Easy Part

One day I had a brainstorm to offer my Corvette art silk screened on sheets of brush-finished aluminum. Since my collection of Corvette art runs in the hundreds of images, which cars do I make silk screen prints of? Creating a supply of silk screen prints of 58 years of Corvettes would be an enormous undertaking! So, for some time, the project sat idle, like a basket case restoration project.

One day, in late 2009, I received a phone call from one, Art Chapman, in Daytona Beach, Florida. Art owns a small speed shop, not far from the late racing legend, Smokey Yunick’s shop, the “Best Damn Garage In Town.” Art has a sideline doing laser etchings for custom cars, businesses, and special events. Art saw my pen & ink illustration style and saw possibilities. It turned out that we both had the same basic idea

After numerous conversations and prototype samples, we created the exact look I had in my artist’s mind’s eye. While the process of laser-etching is totally different from screen printing, the finished look is spot on to my vision of silk screening my Corvette art onto a bright, brush-finished substrate. BlueFire Engraving is able to replicate the silk screen look by laser-etching my art on to brush-finished, metalized-mylar.

Corvette Laser Art prints

C4 1990 – 1995 ZR-1 Corvette Laser-Etched Art Print

By using “new school” methods and modern technology, we are able to offer a full range selection of Corvette laser-etched silvertone art of Corvettes from 1953 to 2010, plus Corvette engine art from the 1954-1955 Blue Flame Six to the C6 LS9 ZR1 engine. No matter what year Vette you have or love, we have parchment paper prints, and now, laser-etched on silver metalized-mylar prints available.

What is “Unique”?

The term “unique” is a much overused expression in advertising and marketing. Webster’s Dictionary defines the word, “unique” as follows: “Radically distinctive, Highly unusual, as well as, Being special, particular, exceptional, distinctive or especial.” So, with Noah Webster on our site, we feel safe and secure is stating that our new line of laser-etched Corvette art prints is truly “UNIQUE” in the world or automotive art.

Corvette Laser Art Prints

So, we invite you to stop by our new website, www.CorvetteLaserArt.com for a test drive and a look-see. Whatever Vette you have or fancy, we have unique laser-etched art prints for you. Save the Wave! – Scott

Corvette Laser Art Prints

We offer over 450 11″ x 17″ parchment paper pen & ink art prints of Corvettes from 1953 to 2010 at www.IllustratedCorvetteSeries.com.