Corvette Race Car Files: C4 1989 GTP Corvette Racer

Dateline: 12.2.11 zzz

A Look Back at the Last Time Chevy Went Prototype Racing With a Corvette

It’s been well over 20 years since Chevrolet got into prototype racing, but it’s good to see them back. The Daytona Prototype Corvette is nicely dressed in exotic material with some very stylish styling points that are very “C6.” I’m surprised they didn’t name the car “Grand Sport,” after all, the front fenders ARE wearing C6 Grand Sport fender vents. But, let’s not pick. The Corvette community wishes them the best and we’ll all enjoy watching the latest round of Corvette racing history in the making.

So, I thought it would be fun to look back at the last time Chevrolet went prototype racing with a Corvette. I covered the 1989 GTP Corvette back in October ‘03 in The Illustrated Corvette Series. The short article and illustrations are below. I see some feature “comparison” stories coming up. It’ll be fun to examine 20-plus years of prototype development. Below is the story, “GTP Corvette Racer – Unrealized Potential.” What’s different today, besides the technological advancements, is GM’s clear understanding of the value of professionally racing their products. Problems solved and parts tested under extreme conditions end up making the production Corvettes better. Imagine if back in ’57, if  GM had told the AMA, “IN YOUR EYE! We’re going RACING!”  – Scott



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