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Corvette Racing

Make This 1968 Corvette SCCA B Class Racer Yours For Just $35,000


by Chris Demorro as republished from Corvette Online
SCCA B/Production vintage racers offer a balance between price, power and that raw racing sound

Dateline 11.28.15: Racing is a rich man’s sport for sure, though some forms of it are much more affordable than others. Essentially, the faster you want to go, the more you have to spend. SCCA B/Production vintage racers offer a balance between price, power and that raw racing sound. You can get behind the wheel of a period-correct SCCA race car for about the same price as a new Mustang GT or Camaro SS. Continue reading

2016 Corvette C7.R Breaks Cover at Daytona


by John Machaqueiro as republished from SuperChevy.com
C7.Rs Break Cover: Corvettes hit the high banks of Daytona International Speedway

Dateline 11.23.15: In the old days of the American Le Mans Series, Corvette Racing had almost six months between seasons. As a result of the merger with Grand Am, that time has been cut down to less than three months. Development and testing is now fast tracked during the season with final tests scheduled before the Rolex 24 in late January. With the changes in the rules for 2016, Pratt & Miller has designed and unveiled a new pair of C7.R’s that embrace those new regulations. Continue reading

Corvette confirms 2016 Le Mans driver line-ups


by Jamie Klein as republished from MotorSport.com
Corvette Racing has confirmed its driver line-ups for next June’s Le Mans 24 Hours

Dateline 11.22.16: Ricky Taylor joins the American team for the 2016 edition of the French endurance classic. Taylor makes his return to Le Mans after a year’s absence alongside Antonio Garcia and Jan Magnussen, effectively replacing Ford-bound Ryan Briscoe. Continue reading

2015 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational Won by Corvette


by Steven Rupp as republished from SuperChevy.com
Arms Race: Corvettes run hard at the 2015 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational

Dateline 11.18.15: Back in 2008, the people at Optima Batteries had an idea to show that the cars typically seen at SEMA could actually go as fast as they looked. That first year about 30 cars showed up to battle it out in the desert at the K&N sponsored Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI). Fast forward to 2015 and the current event is on a whole other level. Over the last eight years the top-finishing cars have gone from modified street cars capable of track duty to pseudo race cars that are legal for street use. Continue reading

IMSA: Fassler, Rockenfeller join Corvette Racing for enduros


by Corvette Racing (source) as republished from racer.com
More Corvette Racing Talent

Dateline 11.18.15: Already one of endurance sports car racing’s most prominent teams, Corvette Racing is adding even more championship-winning talent to its roster for the first two rounds of the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Marcel Fassler and Mike Rockenfeller will complete the team’s lineup for the Rolex 24 At Daytona and Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring in the pair of Chevrolet Corvette C7.R racecars. Continue reading

Michelin Corvette Challenge to Debut at Spring Mountain in 2016


as republished from PRNewswire.com
Stingray-based spec-racing series launches with 15-race season

Dateline November 2016: LAS VEGAS, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club announced a new spec-racing series based around the award-winning 7th generation Corvette. The Michelin Corvette Challenge race series kicks off its inaugural season, February 20th, 2016 at the Spring Mountain facility, near Las Vegas. Continue reading

Pro Touring 1965 Corvette vs. 2015 Corvette Z06


by Scott Parker as republished for SuperChevy
Built vs. Bought: Pitting Brian Hobaugh’s Pro Touring ’65 against a stock 2015 Z06

Dateline October 2015: Hot rodding is as American as apple pie. It embodies some of the most fundamental American concepts such as the ability to accomplish anything. An OEM can spend millions of dollars developing a car like the 2015 Corvette Z06, but we believe we can make it better. More over, we believe we can make a much older car even better than a brand-new car. Is it arrogant and even foolish? Probably, yeah… But this is the land of opportunity. And out on track, it doesn’t matter whether each part was meticulously designed by a separate engineer with FEA and CAD software, or grabbed from a rusty parts bin on a shop floor. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins. Continue reading

Pro-Mod Vette ROLL RACING on the Drag Strip!?! VIDEO

as republished from CorvetteOnline
Roll Racing In A Tube Chassis Nitrous Huffing ‘Vette!

From the “Never Seen That Before” files, 1320 Video brings us footage of a full-on drag car taking more traditional roll-racing rides behind the woodshed at Street Car Takeover in Oklahoma City. Check it out! “Roll Racing” is not something we here at Dragzine cover often, as it generally doesn’t qualify as drag racing to us or our audience. However, our friends over at 1320Video recently shared this clip that goes a long way to bridge the gap between highway racing and genuine drag racing. Continue reading

This C7 Corvette Dragster Has 4,000 HP: Video


by Francisco Cruz as republished from GMAuthority

Dateline October 2015: We’ve seen plenty of 1,000+ hp Corvettes, even a few 2,000+ hp Corvettes, but we haven’t seen too many – if at all – 4,000 horsepower Corvettes, until now. This 4,000 hp C7 Corvette dragster runs the eighth-mile in 3.89 seconds and crosses the finish line at a trap speed of 204.45 miles per hour. Beautiful. Continue reading

Look! Another Pro Mod C7 Corvette Dragster! VIDEO


by Drew Singer as republished from GMAuthority

Dateline October 2015: Let’s got one thing straight before we dive into this devilish dragster: This Pro Mod C7 is a Corvette Stingray in name only. However, it looks a bit like a Corvette C7 so we’ll stick with the name all the same. Now, on to the fun stuff.
Recently built by Pappas/Marinis Motorsports, this cartoonishly over-the-top Corvette gets its power from a massive BES-sourced 5.2-inch bore space 820 ci (13.4-liter) engine with a pair of Braswell/Book carbs. Continue reading

‘El General’ C7 Corvette Crashes, Eric Dillard Unharmed & 3.56 Sec Video


by Sean Szymkowsi as republished from GMAuthority

Pro Line Racing’s Eric Dillard walked away from a crash during a private practice session, according to DragZine.

The accident occurred at Virginia Motorsports Park in General Racing’s latest “El General” C7 Corvette dragster. Earlier in the day, Dillard managed to wrestle out a 3.56-second pass at 224 mph in the C7 Corvette dragster. According to the report, that time makes for one of the fastest times ever posted by a door slammer. Continue reading

01 – Corvette announces Dale Earnhardt/Dale Earnhardt Jr to co-drive the Number 3 GM Goodwrench Corvette C5-R at Daytona


by Scott Teeters as written for Vette Vues

“The Intimidator” and “The Intimidator Jr.” selected to drive for the Corvette Racing Team

Dateline October 2015: Dale Earnhardt was 49-years-old and arguably at the top of his game when it was announced that “The Intimidator” and his son, Dale Jr. would co-drive the Number 3 C5-R Corvette at the 2001 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona race on February 3 and 4, 2001. Continue reading

John Greenwood Tribute Event, November 12-15, 2015 Daytona International Speedway


by Scott Teeters as originally published in Vette Vues

A tribute to John Greenwood’s groundbreaking C3 Corvette racecars

Dateline: 10.15.15: In the entertainment industry, there are a handful of one-name legends that include; “Elvis,” “Cher,” “Ringo,” “Liberace” and a few others. In the Corvette community we have; “Duntov,” “Shinoda,” “Callaway,” “Yenko” and a few more. The name, “Greenwood” is definitely in that short list. Just say, “Greenwood suspension,” or “Greenwood body-kit,” or “Greenwood racecar” and a huge bundle of understanding comes to mind. Continue reading

1955 Chevrolet Corvette Ready to Race Now at Just 95,000


republished from WindingRoad.com

Location: Bellflower, CA

Chassis # VE555001196

This particular chassis has no racing history. We restored it from a basket case to commemorate the famous EX87/5951 Corvette which set the 150+ mph speed record at Daytona Beach in January 1956. It is presented as closely as possible to the paint scheme and configuration of that milestone car in Corvette History. Continue reading

Ever Wonder About the Grand Sport Corvette History?

Grand Sport History

by Staff as originally published in Corvette Online.  History by John Heinricy

We recently attended the C4 Gathering at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Aside from the opportunity to check out the Skydome progress and see the great new displays, we had the opportunity to sit in on a few presentations.

One such session was conducted by John Heinricy and Jim Minneker. He also happens to own C4 Grand Sport serial No. 1, but we will touch on that a bit later. Heinricy had some awesome first-hand information, and even told a few stories that few people have ever heard about his experiences working for GM. Continue reading

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