Social Media is Catalyst that Gets New Corvette Book Published!

LinkedIn Plays Key Role in Getting K. Scott Teeters his Illustrated Corvette Series Book Deal! The Creation of the Illustrated Corvette Series by K. Scott Teeters. Scott Parkhurst connected with me because he was familiar with my illustration work with one of the many car magazines I’ve freelanced for. Here’s what’s cool about LinkedIn. As a member, you can post announcements that go out to everyone in your Connections List. One day I read an announcement that Scott Parkhurst was now the New Acquisitions Editor at CarTech Books. I thought, “Wait a minute. I sent those guys a proposal and they never got back to me.” I emailed Scott, told him that I had pitched CarTech Books months ago. Scott must be a real, “Do it NOW!” kind of guy because he got right on it. Within a few days, we had a verbal agreement to do the book! Read More