John Greenwood Art Prints Special Offer!!!

For a limited time, we are offering 12, 11-inches by 17-inches art prints of the late John Greenwood’s racecars, as illustrated in my Illustrated Corvette Series, Vette Magazine monthly column. The Illustrated Corvette series has been in every issue of Vette Magazine since the spring of 1997, with over 220 installments. In the 18 years the column has been running, I have written and illustrated stories about John and Burt Greenwood’s cars five times. We offer two versions of each story: one with the story copy and one without. Then I created two single image layouts for a total of 12 prints.

Each 11 x 17 print is signed and numbered by me, K. Scott Teeters and is shrink-wrapped on a piece of 12 x 18 piece of corrugated cardboard so that the prints stats flat and clean.

For a limited time, we are offering all 12 prints for the astonishingly low price of just $120, with FREE SHIPPING. Read More

NEW!!! Famous Corvette Engines Blueprint Prints Series

Being a history buff and a Photoshop expert, I recreated the diazo blueprint look in Photoshop. We how have available in a unique square format, 18 Corvette engines from the 1953 – 1955 Blue Flame Six to the mighty LS9 ZR1 engine in both positive and reverse blueprint blue. “What’s under the hood” is usually the second question Corvette owners are asked after, “What year is your Vette?” While all Corvette engines are unique (except for the 1980 California LG4) some have bigger bragging rights than others.

What a better way to pay tribute to your Corvette’s power plant that a blueprint wall hanging for your man cave or special garage. Through our Fine Art America store, our square-format Corvette engine art prints are available in sizes from 8” x 8” to 48” x 48.” You can get a print in a variety of papers and canvas and even have your art print professionally framed by choosing from a huge selection of frame colors, styles, and colored mattes. You can custom design your framed print to fit perfectly into your man cave or special car garage. Read More

A Salute to the Amazing ZR-1 and ZR1 Corvette

The Corvette team was a very different group from the late ‘60s. One thing Dave McLellan and his team were determined to do was make sure their new world-class Vette was NOT launched prematurely. The team intended to release the ZR-1 as an ‘89 Corvette, but smartly chose to postpone production a year to make sure the car was right. The only downside to the entire enterprise was a small matter of the BIG price. At $27,016 on top of the $31,979 base price, this wasn’t just an engine option. No, no. everything from the flywheel back to the tires was bigger, more stout, and heavy duty. And rather than just add flares to the fenders to cover the oversized tires (ala the C3 L-88 fender flares), the entire back end of the car was widened. Unfortunately, the change was only noticeable to those with a keen Corvette eye or if the ZR-1 was next to a regular C4 Corvette. But, we won’t pick, as it was a magnificent car. Read More

WEAR THE POWER! 1953 to 2012 Corvette Engine Tees & Sweats

Looking for something unusual for your favorite Corvette person? Last year I created some graphics for 20 Corvette engine illustration and added the collection to our Zazzle Store. Each design is available on a variety of t-shirts, sweats, coffee mugs, and lots of other nice gift items. So, show your pride for what’s under the hood of your Corvette and WEAR THE POWER! To review our collection of wearable Corvette engine art, look for the “Gifts” tab at the top of the page, then the “Engine Tees & Sweats” link. Read More