The Sights & Sounds of the Baldwin-Motion Experience

Here’s one of the early Phase III SS-427 Corvettes that Rosen worked his magic upon. The side-pipes weren’t designed for the C3 but they sure looked “boss.”

Sometimes special “teams” organically seem to come together. You know, duos, such as, Abbot & Costello, Burns & Allen, Martin & Lewis, Lennon & McCartney. The specialty car market has a similar dynamic duo. But because what they created was so brilliant, it mostly took the spotlight off of them and on to the real stars, the Baldwin-Motion Phase III Supercars. “They” happen to be former editor of CARS Magazine, Marty Schorr and owner of Motion Performance, Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen.

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Baldwin Motion Corvette Camaro Muscle Car Collection Part 1

The Baldwin-Motion Phase III experience was unleashed in late 1967 with Rosen’s ‘67 Phase III SS-427 Camaro. Being a Corvette racer and fan for years, it didn’t take Rosen long to have at it with the new Mako Shark-styled ‘68 Corvette. The results were staggering. For an enterprise such as this, it helps to have a good PR guy, with a good camera eye, and a way with words. Enter, Marty Schorr. As editor of CARS Magazine, Marty made sure that Baldwin-Motion machines got plenty of ink. So Marty kept the Chevy faithful stoked with great photos, road tests, and in-your-face ads, while Rosen and his team kept the ET slips on ALL Baldwin-Motion Supercars at 11.5 ET or better – AS DELIVERED to the customer! Mr. Shelby wasn’t offering that!

Baldwin Motion Corvette Camaro Muscle Car Collection Part 2

The team had a good run from the final years of the 60s through to the middle of the ‘70s before the Federal government threw the emergency brake on Baldwin-Motion Supercars. The final agreement was a $500 fine and future Motion-modified cars were “for export only.” Domestic cars came with a signed agreement between Rosen and the buyer that the car was for “off road use only” and did not meet DOT and EPA regulations. In other words, “party over!”

Baldwin Motion 427 Chevelle

But an interesting thing happened. The fans of the cars, never forgot! As the cars were sold to new owners, word got out, “If you missed your chance to buy a Motion Performance car back in the day, so-and-so has one they might be ready to sell.” In a few years, the well maintained and documented Motion cars became collectible and valuable. Over the years, media coverage seemed to spike ever 8 or so years. In the early ‘90s, word got out that Rosen bought back one of his GT Corvettes and had it restored. Then in ‘92 Joel’s yellow Phase III GT Corvette was on display at the New York Auto Show. Suddenly, it was 1970 and the car looked just as cool and tough as ever. Yea, it was that good.

Baldwin Motion Promo Piece

As more Baldwin-Motion cars surfaced at auctions, young guys that were toddlers during the heydays, tuned into the car’s natural and inherent coolness. As the ‘90s wore on, die-cast model car makers were offering replicas of the Baldwin-Motion cars. Fans of the cars started creating “tribute cars” based on photos of the originals. Fans created websites and finally Mr. Motion (Joel Rosen) launched “The Official Baldwin-Motion” website. Then in ‘05, NEW Baldwin-Motion Phase III ‘69 Camaros started being offered. Once again, the media was a-buzz and the Baldwin-Motion 540 Camaro SuperCoupe was the hit of the ‘05 SEMA Show, winning the 2005 SEMA Design Award.

SEMA: Baldwin Motion Camaro SuperCoupe

American Muscle Car- Baldwin-Motion Speedster

Most recently, the weekend after Thanksgiving 2010, three of the 12 Phase III GT Corvettes gathered at the MOTION MADNESS Reunion the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago. The fans literally talked Marty Schorr’s voice away. Thousands of stories and memories, all linked to two guys from New York with a passion for hot Chevys. No doubt, the Baldwin-Motion cars will continue to be bought, sold, driven, enjoyed, illustrated, and talked about for decades to come! – Scott

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SEMA: Baldwin Motion Super Speedster 196

PS – Marty Schorr’s book “Motion Performance – Tales of a Muscle Car Builder” was published in -09 by Motorbooks International. If you’re a fan of the Motion Performance cars, you will LOVE this book! The pictures are a delight and Marty’s prose reads like you’re bench racing with an old car pal. I can not recommend this book more highly.

To get your copy today, look for the link to the right. “Treat yourself” and get a NEW copy.

Oldsmobile engineer, Marty Schorr, and Joel Rosen – 1968. Joel can’t wait to install that new camshaft into the CARS Magazine/Motion 442 drag car.

“Mr. Motion” Joel Rosen, circa 1971.

“Buds” Marty Schorr (left) and Joel Rosen (right) 2005.

One of Marty Schorr’s early “in-your-face” Baldwin-Motion ads. Yea, in-your-face and GET OUT OF THE WAY, is more like it!

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