Vette Shows: The Sights of C5 Corvettes at the 2011 30th Corvettes at Carlisle Show

Dateline: 8.30.11
2011 Corvettes at Carlisle Week continues with coverage of 1997 to 2004 C5 Corvettes!

Chevrolet sold just under 250,000 C5 Corvettes during its eight-year production run.  While under the leadership of Corvette chief of engineering Dave Hill, the Corvette moved more into the realm of a finished GT car than ever before. The new LS1 engine was stronger, the chassis was more rigid, the ride was more forgiving and precise, and the interior had more room for passenters and storage. And thanks to the C5-R Corvette Racing program and plenty of tuners, the new GT Corvette was more of a brute than it had ever been – but now it had refined manners to go along with its grunt.

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The high-water performance mark for the C4 Corvette came with the ‘’93 to ‘94 405-HP LT-5-powered ZR-1. By 2002, the C5 LS6-powered Z06 packed the same horsepower figures as the later C4 ZR-1s, but at a substantially lower price. A ‘95 ZR-1 cost around $68,000 to start. The C5 2002 Z06 came in at the bargain price if $50,150. Seven years later and nearly $18,000 LESS, now that’s what I call progress! Not to slight the stunning DOHC LT-5 C4 ZR-1s, but those price/horsepower figures are VERY impressive.

If you are looking to get into the Corvette hobby, an early C5 Corvette can be purchased at very reasonable prices. The C5 Corvettes were well represented at last weeks Corvettes at Carlisle show. Enjoy the slide show, tomorrow we’ll be delivering the C4 Corvettes from the ‘11 Corvettes at Carlisle show. Enjoy! – Scott

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