2016 Special Edition C7.R Z06 Corvette #001 Sells for $500,000 at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction!

The “First” 2016 C7.R Z06 Corvette #001 brings in the BIG BUCKS – Video2016-Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06-C7R-Edition-2A

Dateline: 9.26.15 – Barrett-Jackson knows how to put on a show. The roster for the 3 day auction fest in Vegas was packed with beauties… and the girls were nice too. But seriously folks, the car and truck eye candy was a treat and #001 2016 Special Edition C7.R Z06 Corvette was saved for later on the last day. With “first and last” cars becoming highly collectible in the Corvette community and with so many models and special editions having been produced, we’ll no doubt see many more of these.

Ever since 1999 when the first all-out, factory-backed, long-term Corvette racing team unleashed the C5-R, adding the suffix “R” after the generation designates “racer.” So far we have the C5-R, C6.R, and the current C7.R. In the world of Corvette special editions, the ’04 Commemorative Edition was a salute to the C5-R’s success, but it wasn’t assigned the moniker “C5-R.” While the styling of the C7 was a bit of a jolt to Corvette traditionalists, by the time new Stingrays were in dealer’s showrooms and on the road, and people got to see them in the flesh, the cars was warmly embraced. The anticipated Z06 was the Stingray on steroids, so the first special edition C7 Z06 is a salute to the C7.R.

2016-chevrolet-corvette-z06-c7-BHere’s what the Barrett-Jackson description page had to say about 2016 C7.R Z06 #001…

A road-going, track-capable homage to the Corvette Racing C7.R race cars. It’s offered in Corvette Racing’s signature yellow livery with coordinated exterior and interior accents. This car is VIN #001 of only 650 C7.R Editions (500 available for the U.S. market) to be built. It includes the Z07 Performance Package with carbon ceramic brakes. The Z06 C7.R Editions will go on sale late this year. All proceeds will benefit the Detroit-based College for Creative Studies, which nurtures the creativity that is vital to the enrichment of modern culture.

All that, for just $500,000! WOW! Well bought! – Scott


 Special thanks to Barrett-Jackson, http://www.Barrett-Jackson.com

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