“Big Rig” Corvette??? – STUNNING VIDEO

YouTube Channel “HotCars Rendered” dishes up a C8-styled Big Rig Corvette!

Greetings and Happy New Year!

A year or so ago the Corvette Rumor Mill was SMOK’N with stories about a possible break-away Corvette Division so that Chevrolet can make “alternate” Corvettes. The usual model suspects included: a big 4-door luxury sedan Corvette, an SUV Corvette, an off-road Corvette, and a few others. Some of the computer renderings were cool-looking, others were dreadful.

The big speculation was patterned after how Porsche has leveraged their racing brands into other configurations. The “other” Porsches haven’t diminished Porsche’s sports car line, so why not use a similar template for Corvette?

Tadge Juechter and Harlan Charles are famous for answering probing questions about what’s next for Corvette by saying, “We do not talk about future products”. Harlan was recently asked, “We heard a rumor that there will be a C8 Grand Sport, is that true?” Harlan said, “Yeah, we heard that too. Next question.” (What a sharp guy!)

Among all the juicy speculation I never read anything about a “Big Rig Tractor Trailer Corvette”! The creative dudes at HotCars Renders stitched together a very creative, very slick rendering of a C8-styled Big Rig and Trailer.

I seriously doubt the above video is close to something in the works. But, it’s a darn good video! It almost looks real, with all the reflections as the vantage point moves around the rendering.

My first guy reaction was, “COOL!”

You probably never imagined a Big Rig Vette, so enjoy the presentation! – Scott

PS – HotCars Renders has over 300 rendered videos on its YouTube channel. Check them out HERE!

PSS – Thanks to our Chicago Corvette pal Frank Pope for telling us about the video above!