Corvette Odd-Ball: SHOCKING! Naked C1 Fuelie Corvette!

Dateline: 7.18.11
An Expose-look under the pretty fiberglass of a C1 Fuelie Corvette!

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. A C1 Corvette without a body and interior. Just the engine, drive train, suspension, wheels, tires, and the steering wheel. And not just any C1 Corvette, a Fuelie Corvette!

Up front I must apologize because when I was at the April 2011 Strictly Corvettes and American Muscle Cars Show at the Atlantic City Convention Center, I was also a vendor and had little time to get away from my booth. So I kind of zoomed through and took pictures of what looked interesting. The chassis-only display really caught my eye. You just don’t see this every day. I did the same thing with Kevin McKay’s drivable 1969 427 L-88 drivable chassis-only, Corvette. (see links below)

What you are looking at here is essentially a mid-50s Chevy sedan frame and suspension, taken to its limits. This was the basic platform that was in Briggs Cunningham’s Le Mans class-winning 1960 Corvette. That car is the topic of the documentary film, “The Quest” which you can check out HERE.

So, enjoy the below slide show and take in the details of 1950’s automotive engineering. – Scott

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PSS – If you know of the owners of this fine display of Corvette craftsmanship, please contact us.

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