Kevin Mackay’s Drivable, See-Thru, ’69 L-88 Corvette

Drivable Corvette Art

I consider Kevin Mackay to be a “Corvette artist.” Some of us use paint, markers, pen & ink, etc. You know, “artsey” stuff. Some artists work in other mediums – such as metal and fiberglass. Kevin Mackay’s “Corvette Repair” doesn’t just perform world-class restoration work on classic C1, C2, and C3 Corvette race cars and regular Corvettes, Kevin is also a mechanical, educational artist.

It’s always a pleasure to see Kevin at the shows. Last weekend we were vendors at the Strictly Corvettes and American Muscle Cars Show in Atlantic City. When you love Vettes, what’s there to not like about a Corvette show? We saw lots of smiles and had many interesting conversations. Kevin Mackay was on hand for the third year in a row with a delightful stable of customer cars, as well as several of his beauties.

Kevin’s resto work on the old Corvette race cars is a delight to behold. It’s astonishing how “stock” those old Le Mans Corvette racers really were! They weren’t all that far removed from a high-performance street Corvette. And Kevin and his crew just nail the details.

But for me, the piece I love the most is his cut-away, see-thru, DRIVABLE, 1969 427 L-88 Corvette! Kevin created a Corvette without about 98% of its body, that is not only DRIVABLE, but it passes inspection in the State of New York. That’s right friends, Kevin occasionally takes his LEGAL, unbodied 427 L-88 for a spin. He confided with me that it’s kind of a pain in the neck taking the thing out because it’s such COP BAIT. Every bored police officer that sees the car, just has to “PULLER OVER.” – just to check it out. Kevin was recently told that he “could” get nabbed because the car has no mud flaps. “But officer, that would ruin the whole educational presentation! L-88 Corvettes never had MUD FLAPS!”

The Strictly Corvettes and American Muscle Cars Show in Atlantic City was a blast with plenty of Corvette eye candy, classics, street rod Vettes, and very sweet classic and modern muscle cars.

So check out the below slide show of Kevin Mackay’s See-Thru 1969 L-88 Corvette. And do visit his website, HERE. Kevin has three other cool car art pieces; a drivable ‘67 427/435 Chassis (sorry, just one seat), the Suspended-Body ‘67 Corvette Roadster, and the Cut-Away ‘68 L-88 race car. The passenger side of the body is fully in place, racing livery and everything. The driver’s side is totally open. And, the car runs.

The Portfolio Page is very impressive. Corvette Repair even did the resto on Duntov’s AWD CERV-II! Yea, they’re that good. Enjoy!


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