Dude! Where’s the Rest of My C6 2008 Corvette?!?!

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a chassis freak. I love looking at the fiberglass shapes of all Corvettes, to me they are never boring or dull. But I have an equal passion for what’s going on UNDER all the pretty fiberglass and carbon fiber. What holds the car together? What do the suspension parts look like? What makes the car handle the way it does? Without the right stuff under the body, you could end up with a car that looks like a million bucks draped over a VW Beetle or Pontiac Fiero platform. No matter how cool-looking most of those kit cars are, once you fire on up and drive away, if it’s a Beetle or Fiero underneath, THAT’S ALL YOU GET. Read More

Vette Videos: How Hi-Tech Z06 & ZR1 Aluminum Frames Are Made

Fast forward to the 2006 Z06 and its aluminum chassis. One of the biggest challenges with an aluminum chassis is the strength of materials issue. Lightweight aluminum is soft, so there were interesting shape and construction problems that had to be worked out to mass-produce such a chassis. While it is true that the Z06 wasn’t the first car to use an aluminum chassis (many hand-made exotic cars had aluminum chassis) the Z06 was the first “mass produced” car to have an all-aluminum chassis, engine, and suspension. Read More

A Naked Corvette? – Driveable Chassis ’67 Big-Block Corvette

Driveable Chassis ’67 Big-Block Corvette. The car is a fully functional ’67 big-block Corvette… with no body – just the fully running chassis. It must be a BLAST to drive!

A Naked Corvette…The Driveable Chassis ’67 big-block Corvette is the work of Corvette Repair in Valley Stream, New York. Owner Kevin Mackay and his crew specialize in body-off Corvette restorations Read More