Vette Shows: Corvettes Unlimited of Vineland, NJ’s “Last” Vettes at Glasstown Show

Dateline: 9.21.11
A Fond Farewell to a Delightful Venue.

Wheaton Village in Millville, New Jersey had been the home of Corvettes Unlimited of Vineland, NJ for well over a decade. Wheaton Village is a tribute to the old days when commercial glass products were part of the local economy. Today, it’s a beautiful tourist attraction with shops, historical artifacts, and a functioning glass blowing studio in the style of the old days of glass making. So, what a perfect place to have a fiberGLASS Corvette car show!

But things change, and for a variety of reasons, Corvettes Unlimited is having their “American Glass and Steel Show” at Michael Debbi Park in Richland, NJ on October 9 with a rain date of October 16. There will actually, be two separate shows. Obviously, the “glass” part is for Corvettes. The “steel” part will feature muscle cars, antique cars, custom cars, street rods and trucks. For more information about the show, CLICK HERE.

Jonathan Settrella and his 63 Vette – Best in Show – photo by Cliff Shields

In the meantime, enjoy the above slide show. I first attended the Vettes at Glasstown Show in ‘09, where I bumped into my Corvette and artist friend, Jonathan Settrella. With the Corvettes at Carlisle show still fresh in my mind, the Glasstown show seemed down right “cozy.” Don’t get me wrong, the Carlisle experience is astonishing, but being there is a real marathon. While talking with Jonathan I said to him, “This is a very nice little show, really!” To which Jon replied, “Ah! This is nothing! We used to get three times as many cars here.”

But since I hadn’t attended any of the previous shows, what I saw was just right. I was able to take my time, look at all the cars, Continue reading “Vette Shows: Corvettes Unlimited of Vineland, NJ’s “Last” Vettes at Glasstown Show”

Rebuilding His 1963 Split-Window Coupe Sting Ray Dream Machine

Stricken With Seller’s Remorse, New Jersey Corvette Fan, Jonathan Settrella Creates His Ideal Corvette… Again!

Settrella’s custom Sting Ray received the “shaved” look. See any door handles?

I met Jonathan Settrella in 1975 at an art show in Moorestown, New Jersey. We struck up a conversation and it turned out that Jon had a Corvette – a customized, ‘63 Split-Window Coupe. We hung out occasionally and used to see one another at various art shows. But as the ‘70s and ‘80s wore on, life got in the way and I lost touch with my artist/car friend.

Fast forward to September ‘09 at the Weaton Village Vettes At Glasstown Show in Millville, NJ. I looked up and saw a car I hadn’t seen in nearly 30 years! I said to my wife, “I know that car!” Sure enough, it was my old pal, Jonathan Settrella. After catching up, I said, “Jonathan, I can’t believe you STILL have the ‘63 Coupe.” He replied, “This is a replica of the car you saw way back when.” Sensing a story, I said, “Okay, so what happened?” It turned out to be a classic tale of sellers remorse. In Settrella’s case, it was MAJOR remorse. But first, lets back up about 40 years. Continue reading “Rebuilding His 1963 Split-Window Coupe Sting Ray Dream Machine”