FINALLY! Clear images of the new C8.R mid-Engine Corvette – VIDEO

The C8.R is shaping up to look like a real bad-ass racing Corvette. Watch out Ferrari!

Dateline: 8-10-18 – Image Credit: As a commercial artist and graphic designer, I’ve been trained to go with my immediate, flash, gut impression of a design. Upon seeing the latest batch of clear C8.R images, I got an immediate, “WOW!” And yes, I understand that the C8.R is the extreme version of the C8.

CorvetteBoyz  posted an excellent spy video on the C8.R. Check it out… posted a written report with lots of photos, check it out HERE…

Concerning the mid-engine platform, that IS the direction the high-end sports cars are going. The whole “mid-engine Corvette” notion is an old wet dream that’s totally cemented into Corvette folk lore. Fifty years ago “mid-engine” made sense because tires and suspension were not what they are today. The current C7 Corvette is a “front-mid-engine” and with modern tires and suspension it works as well as anything else.

It is my contention that if the BoP restrictions were to be removed just for one short, 25 lap “Grudge Match” among all of the current sports racing cars the Corvette competes against, the Corvette would dominate the field, including the mid-engine Ford GT. But, there never will be any such “Grudge Match” race.

Last November when the ZR1 made its Dubai debut, Tadge Juechter said that his engineers took the C7 platform as far as they could with the ZR1. That tells me that his team is already at work on a front-mid-engine C9. I DO NOT believe that Chevrolet is going to abandon the less expensive, more practical front-mid-engine Corvette layout. Doing that would alienate 80% of the Corvette community. We love our traditional front-engine layout, PERIOD! But I do believe that there’s room for BOTH layouts in the hearts of the Corvette community.

And lastly, Chris expressed his feeling about the C8 Corvette being powered by a twin-turbocharged engine and the sound turbocharged engines make, compaired to high-compression, big V8s. I’m with Chris on the traditional sound of the Corvette. We’d hate to hear that go away.

In 1967 when Dick Guldstrand took a 427 L88 Sting Ray to Le Mans, because they had forgotten to bring along a trailer in the cargo plane, Guldstrand had to drive the L88 beast through the French countryside. Word got out about the big, LOUD, flashy American Corvette Sting Ray and people lined the road to get a glimpse and an earfull of American power! All I can say is that everything has a beginning, middle, and end.EvenDoug Fehan says that the French LOVE Corvettes! Oui! Oui!

Save the Wave, Y’all!Scott

PS – Be sure to visit Chris Drapers excellent YouTube Channel, “My Corvette Life” HERE. Chris has a super cool 1998 Corvette that he’s been chronicling his fixes and upgrades. The videos are fun and you can learn a lot!

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