Vette Videos: 13 Videos Featuring the Sights and Sounds of the Corvettes at Carlisle Show!

Dateline: 8.28.11 (Our 150th post!)
All you’ll need is a knockwurst with mustard on a bun and a tall, frosty root beer!

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Perhaps you are simply too far away from southeastern Pennsylvania to attend. Fret not, we’ll bring the show to you. Unless you have been holed up in your Corvette or in your man-cave, you may have missed the news that a hurricane zipped up the East Coast. Hurricane Irene made a mess here and there. While the southeastern part of Pennsylvania only caught the western edges of Irene, Saturday was a yucky day and Sunday was only better in that it was not raining like it was Saturday night. While Irene didn’t deliver a washout, it didn’t help.

I can only describe the Corvettes at Carlisle experience as a “happening.” Pardon the 60s expression, but I AM a baby boomer. There’s so much to see, look at, oggle, take in, sounds, smells, talking, laughing, smiling. Plus, the Corvettes! (12 more videos below) I though that the best way to present the Carlisle experience would be through videos. So, here we present some YouTube videos from Corvettes at Carlisle past. A little of this, that, and everything. While it’s not the same as being there, it’s close. All you’ll need is a knockwurst with mustard on a bun with a tall root beer. Enjoy! – Scott

See former Bowling Green plant manager Wil Cooksey OBLITERATE A set of tires on a 2008 Z06 AND blow a chunk out of the right rear fender!!!

If you can’t have a bikini contest, WHY BOTHER HAVING A CAR SHOW! Right fellows?!?! (I thought you would agree!)

Corvette America at Corvettes at Carlisle 2010.

Corvettes at Carlisle 2009.

Corvettes at Carlisle American Flag Display.

Corvettes at Carlisle 2009 Parade.

The burnout contest has become one of the most popular features at the Carlisle experience. Here goes another set of tires!

ROAD TRIP!!! Carlisle or Bust!!! “Texas sent a posse down like I ain’t never seen!” (Pardon me, Waylon.)

Corvettes at Carlisle 2006 overview.

2009 Frank Pope interview with Lance Miller.

Groovy 2010 Corvettes at Carlisle slide show, Pt. 1

Groovy 2010 Corvettes at Carlisle slide show, Pt. 2

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