1967-1969 427/435 L71 & 1990-1995 LT5 Added to the Corvette Engine Blueprint Series

ATTENTION CORVETTE MOTORHEADS! We are officially announcing the next two classic Corvette engines in our NEW Corvette Engine Blueprint Series – the 1967-1969 427/435 L71 and the 1990-1995 LT5. We’re releasing these two engines together because they are arguably two of the most awesome-looking engines to ever live under the hood of a Corvette. The sight of that big, triangular air cleaner on top of that gigantic 427 big-block engine engine provides owners with instant bragging rights.

The same is true with the LT5 that powered the 1990-1995 ZR-1 Corvettes. With the ZR-1’s clam shell hood up, the 350-cid LT5 looks “stuffed” into the frame rails of the car, thanks to its big DOHC (double overhead cam) heads. And the intake runners of the LT5’s fuel injection system looks like the car has been to the gym and now has eight-pack abs! While the LS-series of Corvette engines went on to make much more power, the LT5 is still a sight to behold – a genuine jewel of engineering. Read More

The Grand Debut of NEW Corvette Engine Blueprint Series

The Corvette legend has many aspects. Most obvious is the car’s outstanding good looks. Equally important within the Corvette mystique is what’s under the hood. Many Corvette engines have become automotive heroes and legends. I am launching a new Corvette art prints series called, “Corvette Engine Blueprint Series.” There will be a total of 20 engine prints that feature a technical illustration of the engine, plus each engine’s unique technical statistics – the kinds of technical tid-bits Corvette people love! Read More

WEAR THE POWER! 1953 to 2012 Corvette Engine Tees & Sweats

Looking for something unusual for your favorite Corvette person? Last year I created some graphics for 20 Corvette engine illustration and added the collection to our Zazzle Store. Each design is available on a variety of t-shirts, sweats, coffee mugs, and lots of other nice gift items. So, show your pride for what’s under the hood of your Corvette and WEAR THE POWER! To review our collection of wearable Corvette engine art, look for the “Gifts” tab at the top of the page, then the “Engine Tees & Sweats” link. Read More