Vette Videos: Driving The Night – A Corvette Celebration of Light & Shape

Dateline: 3.21.12

Feast your eyes on the lines and shapes of this classic Bill Mitchell Shark Corvette

For shark Corvette fans, this is a MUST-SEE Corvette video. The video looks to have been shot inside a long, lighted roadway tunnel because the light reflections is what creates this artistic, dreamy video.

As you are watching, keep in mind that the shape of the car was worked out almost 50 years ago! And it still is dripping with sexitude.Which is exactly the way GM’s former VP of design wanted it to be. I’ll be doing some more posts soon about Bill Mitchell in the next few weeks.

Not sure what the special occassion was, but Mitchell didn't usually dress like this. Pretty snappy, though! That's a Corvair prototype Bill is standing with.

Mitchell was the heir to the design throne after the great Harley Earl retired in 1958. Mitchell had already been at GM since 1935 and was thre director of styling for Cadillac by 1936, at the ripe old age of 24! Twenty-two years later, Bill was more than ready to take over design for GM cars. Although the two men were only 21 years apart in age, each had their own distinctive design and style sense. Mitchell completely understood Earl’s design philosophy, honored and respected Earl, but took GM’s designs to a whole new level through the ‘60s and early ‘70s. Chuck Jordan (GM’s chief designer from 1986 to 1992) stated it best concerning Willian L. Mitchell when he said, “The man had flair!”

This is indeed a visual feast for the eyes and heart. I’d bet that William L. Mitchell never imagined that his design would still look this good almost 50 years later. Out hats are off to you, Bill Mitchell! Enjoy and pass around!

 – Scott

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