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John & Patti Hutchinson’s 1996 & 2017 Grand Sport Twins

Question: What’s better than a Grand Sport? Answer: TWO Grand Sports

Special Edition Corvettes are a fun part of the Corvette hobby. Production numbers for this group vary widely from as low as 20, 2009 Competition Edition Z06 cars to a staggering 11,632, 2004 Commemorative Edition coupes, convertibles, and Z06 cars. Chevrolet only made 1,000 1996 Grand Sports – 820 coupes and 180 convertibles, which puts the C4 Grand Sport in the rare zone of special edition Vettes. The Grand Sport convertible (only 180 units) is in the VERY rare category.

John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson, owner of the Grand Sport Registry, says their current membership consists of 261 C4 (1996) Grand Sports. But he emphasizes that the GSR caters to all GS generations, be it C2, C4, C6, or C7, and that total membership is close to 800 Grand Sport enthusiasts from across the USA and 12 other countries. So, yes, all Grand Sport Corvettes are indeed special. Corvette product planners have a unique way of surprising the Corvette faithful with special editions. But in 1996, no one dreamed that the Grand Sport would become what it is today.

Hutch and Patti Hutchinson are the proud owners of TWO Grand Sport Corvette convertibles, both obtained Continue reading

Sandman Dewey Powell & The World’s Only 392 Hemi 4WD Corvette


by Scott Teeters as republished from CorvetteOnline
Graphic By Corvette Online. Photos – Scott Teeters
Imagine this black Vette on the white sand coming to bail you out!

Dateline 02.20.16: We first saw Dewey Powell’s menacingly ‘81-bodied Corvette at the Strictly Corvettes Show, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. One of the first things that caught our eyes was the stylized fishing pole rack and the way it was angled back from the middle to match the car’s nose. Then the tall tires and L88 wheel flares hit us. “WOW! What’s this?” We looked under the hood and saw a dual-quad 392 Hemi and wondered, “Who built this?!” Continue reading

Motor Trend’s 2015 Corvette Stingray Z51 Long-Term Update 4


by Chris Seabaugh as republished from MotorTrend.com, MotorTrend Staff Photos
Corvette Spends a Week at the Dealer

Dateline February 2, 2016: Since the last update, I’ve had plenty of time to get reacquainted with my long-term 2015 Corvette Stingray Z51. Unfortunately, so has the dealer.After addressing a handful of fit and finish issues, I finally had the kick in the pants I needed to get me to the Chevy dealer: a MyLink center console display that no longer displayed images. Continue reading

1965 Chevrolet Corvette Set to Annihilate the Cone Competition! VIDEO


by Steven Rupp as republished from Super Chevy
Project Management: The Hobaugh’s 1965 Vette is a Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

Dateline: 12.28.15: Let’s be honest, classic Corvettes in stock form look a whole lot faster than they actually are. But, in reality, they’re just victims of the technology of their era. And, for the most part, were designed more for slicing through a mountain canyon on a Sunday cruise than being wheeled around a road course. But, like any classic, they can be worked over into something that can handle as good as anything being churned out by Chevrolet today. Continue reading

A Crowd Favorite Custom 1975 Chevrolet Corvette


by Steve Temple as republished from Super Chevy
Heartbeat: How a ’75 Corvette stole a women’s heart—and then it received a transplant

Dateline 12.18.15: Who hasn’t felt their pulse quicken at the sight of a Corvette? And for many, that experience gets into their blood, and beating in their chest as a lifelong passion. Just ask Sandy Redden. When she met her husband, M.J., marrying him in the early ’70s, “I was driving a red ’63 Corvette roadster, a car I absolutely loved.” She had it modified with fender flares, side exhaust, stinger hood, custom paint and one of M.J.’s race-car engines. Then heartbreak ensued in 1978. Continue reading

LS-Powered 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Comes Full Circle


by Steven Rupp as republished from Super Chevy. photos courtesy of Super Chevy.
Full Circle: Wayne Sanchez Jr. keeps his family’s
love of Corvettes going strong with a ’69 restomod

Dateline 12.2.15: After you read enough stories about what inspires gearheads to buy and build classic cars it often involves exposure at an early age. This is exactly how Wayne Sanchez Jr. got the Corvette bug. As he told us, “I’ve always been an avid Corvette fan. No, not the numbers-matching kind, but I do appreciate those as well. When I was 4 or 5 years old my dad, Wayne Senior, bought a blue 1972 Corvette with a Targa top with aftermarket side pipes. Continue reading

Corvette restoration a bonding experience for R.I. father and son

father son 1

by Peter C.T. Elsworth as republished from Providence Journal
Christopher DeGrave’s Ontario Orange 1971 Chevrolet Corvette 454 LS5
is a striking reflection of the bond he has with his father, Dennis

Dateline 11.28.15: RICHMOND, R.I. — Christopher DeGrave’s Ontario Orange 1971 Chevrolet Corvette 454 LS5 is a striking reflection of the bond he has with his father, Dennis. Together, they’re a team with deep roots. Christopher is an only child, as was Dennis. Indeed, the tradition of only children — and only sons at that — goes back five generations to Christopher’s great-great grandfather, who immigrated to the United States in 1912 from northern France, near the port city of Calais. Continue reading

1966 Corvette Stingray’s restoration worth every cent to owner


Terry Muniz of Pittsburg, poses with the 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray belonging
to her husband Guillermo Muniz in Pittsburg, Calif. (Photo by David Krumboltz)

By David Krumboltz as republished from ContraCostaTimes.com
Beloved Corvette StingRay has several lives

Dateline 11.18.15: The Chevrolet Corvette has an interesting history. It started as a concept car for the 1953 GM Motorama Auto Show in New York. GM management thought Chevrolet needed a model that would put some pizzazz in the line. The original idea was to produce a sporty car using off-the-shelf parts to keep the cost around $2,000 (about $17,600 in today’s dollars). Continue reading

[VIDEO] Corvette Museum Heritage Series Features the Don Messner Collection


by Keith Cornett as republished from Corvette Blogger
Don Messner wanted to plant a seed, his widow says

Dateline November 2015: Like so many Corvette enthusiasts, Don was committed to America’s Sports Car – and the National Corvette Museum. That’s why he decided to leave his collection of 10 Corvettes, many collector and special editions, low mileage examples, to the Museum when he passed away in 2013. Continue reading

“All I Wanted Was a Car”: Brad Paisley on Country Music, Corvettes, and Running from the Cops


by John Pearley Huffman as republished from Car and Driver
Brad Paisley Loves Corvettes

Dateline November 2015: C/D: Your tour bus is painted like a 1958–62 Corvette.

BP: I have a lot of things painted like that, with the Corvette cove. My guitar room at the studio is an entire room painted red with a giant 12-foot Corvette cove where the guitars hang. You’d love it. That might be the most attractive and iconic design for a vehicle ever. There’s no doubt what that is when you see it. Continue reading

Amazing Corvette Gassers Of Two Generations


by Steve Temple as republished from Corvette Online

Dateline October 2015: Back in the 1960s, Corvettes duked it out with Shelby Cobras on road courses across the country. But, there was another battle raging on American asphalt. Supercharged gassers—wild, nearly uncontrollable machines with short wheelbases and ungainly body styles—that dominated the drag strip. They were a challenge to drive and fun to watch—from a safe distance. Early versions ran Oldsmobile or Cadillac power, but as the years progressed, blown Chevy V8s and Chrysler Hemis were the engines of choice. Continue reading

Reversing Past Deeds Done to 1963 Split-Window Corvette Sting Ray-Guided By NCRS


by John Gilbert as republished from SuperChevy.com
1963 Sting Ray a Split-Decision

Dateline October 2015: The expression hindsight is 20-20 takes on a completely different meaning when the subject is being able to obtain a totally un-obscured rearview from a 1963 split-window Corvette. This is going to sound strange to younger readers or older ones that weren’t into Corvettes back when the 1963 Sting Ray coupe was introduced, but one of the biggest complaints was the obstructed rear view caused by the split rear windows, and consequently kept the ’63 split-window Corvette as the least desirable model of the ’63-67 run. Continue reading

Bill Test’s “Quasi-Racer” 1962 Corvette


Lake Placid, Florida Resident’s Sano, Personalized C1 327 Corvette

by Scott Teeters as republished from Vette Vues

I know I’m preaching to the choir but Corvettes are unusual cars because if you get bitten by them when you’re young, it’s usually a lifetime thing. For people who aren’t passionate about driving, or have never driven a Corvette, and maybe only ever been a passenger, it’s hard for them to understand the affection. Driving a Corvette is a visceral, seat-of-the-pants experience. When behind the wheel, you don’t just “ride and steer,” you “DRIVE” the car like a team of wild horses. Continue reading

John Meyerhoff and Mary Carol Plott’s Corvette Collector Love, Pt 1

John-Meyerhoff & Mary550

Kindred Spirits Find Love and Corvette Passion:
John Meyerhoff and Mary Carol Plott’s Corvette Love Affair

by Scott Teeters as republished from Vette Vues –
You can enjoy Part 2 of the story (Mary Carol’s story) HERE.

For most people, getting a Vette is a “dream come true.” We often hear, “I’ve always wanted a Corvette!” Or, “I finally got my Vette!” For most, that’s it. Check “Corvette” off the bucket list. And it’s usually men, but not always, that lust for Corvettes. Then there are the unusual couples where he has a Corvette and she slowly gets the fever, then they get “his and hers” Corvettes, which is always a delight to see. But that’s not this story. This one is better. Continue reading

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