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Tommy Milner & the C7.R Corvette Wins GTLM at 12 Hours of Sebring!!! – 3 VIDEOS

Corvette Racing Team scores ANOTHER win at the 12 Hours of Sebring IMSA Race

Dateline: 3-20-16: The overall winner of the 2016 12 Hours of Sebring was Pipo Derani driving his Ligier JS P2 Honda. The Action Express Corvette Daytona Prototype driven by Dane Cameron took 2nd and Christian Fittipaldi took 3rd in his Action Express Corvette Daytona Prototype.

But for Corvette fans, Tommy Milner brought home the gold and took 1st in GTLM Class in his C7.R Corvette.

Here are some interesting stats that show the success of the Corvette Racing Team:

* This was the 10th class victory at Sebring for Corvette Racing

* The Corvette Racing Team claimed its fifth straight Triple Crown victory! 

* This was the second straight victory at Sebring for Corvette Racing and the third in four years. Continue reading

Relive the Spectacular Final Minutes of the 2016 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona

final minutes

by Chris Perkins as republished from RoadandTrack.com
The last 15 minutes of this 24-hour race was some of the tightest racing we’ve ever seen

Dateline February 2, 2016: After the two Corvette GTLM cars got around the class leading #912 Porsche 911 towards the end of this year’s Rolex 24 at Daytona, Corvette Racing Program Manager Doug Fehan gave his drivers permission to race each other. What followed was the most spectacular 15 minutes of racing many have ever witnessed. Continue reading

Looking Back On Corvette Racing’s 2015 Endurance Racing Triple Crown: VIDEO


by Sam McEachern as republished from GM Authority
Corvette Team wins three of the most prestigious races in sportscar racing:
the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Le Mans

Dateline 12.9.15: Corvette Racing may have missed out on the IMSA GTLM championship in 2015, however the team still has lots to be proud of after winning three of the most prestigious races in sportscar racing: the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Le Mans. While the official ‘Triple Crown’ of motorsport is rightfully the Indianapolis 500, 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Monaco Grand Prix, Corvette Racing captured their own make-do Triple Crown with their three endurance wins. Continue reading

3000HP Corvette Slides, Goes Airborne During Half-Mile Event In Texas VIDEO

3000 hp

by Cristian Gnaticov as republished from Car Scoops
An insanely fast car, a day at the air field and an amateur video

Dateline 12.2.15: One of Murphy’s laws says that “If something can go wrong, it will”. Tie this to an insanely fast car, a day at the air field and an amateur video, and you get the picture. This 3,000 HP Corvette was brought to Texas for the WannaGOFAST half-mile event, along with a less-powerful sibling, with “only” 1,600 HP. Continue reading

Pro-Mod Vette ROLL RACING on the Drag Strip!?! VIDEO

as republished from CorvetteOnline
Roll Racing In A Tube Chassis Nitrous Huffing ‘Vette!

From the “Never Seen That Before” files, 1320 Video brings us footage of a full-on drag car taking more traditional roll-racing rides behind the woodshed at Street Car Takeover in Oklahoma City. Check it out! “Roll Racing” is not something we here at Dragzine cover often, as it generally doesn’t qualify as drag racing to us or our audience. However, our friends over at 1320Video recently shared this clip that goes a long way to bridge the gap between highway racing and genuine drag racing. Continue reading

This C7 Corvette Dragster Has 4,000 HP: Video


by Francisco Cruz as republished from GMAuthority

Dateline October 2015: We’ve seen plenty of 1,000+ hp Corvettes, even a few 2,000+ hp Corvettes, but we haven’t seen too many – if at all – 4,000 horsepower Corvettes, until now. This 4,000 hp C7 Corvette dragster runs the eighth-mile in 3.89 seconds and crosses the finish line at a trap speed of 204.45 miles per hour. Beautiful. Continue reading

Look! Another Pro Mod C7 Corvette Dragster! VIDEO


by Drew Singer as republished from GMAuthority

Dateline October 2015: Let’s got one thing straight before we dive into this devilish dragster: This Pro Mod C7 is a Corvette Stingray in name only. However, it looks a bit like a Corvette C7 so we’ll stick with the name all the same. Now, on to the fun stuff.
Recently built by Pappas/Marinis Motorsports, this cartoonishly over-the-top Corvette gets its power from a massive BES-sourced 5.2-inch bore space 820 ci (13.4-liter) engine with a pair of Braswell/Book carbs. Continue reading

‘El General’ C7 Corvette Crashes, Eric Dillard Unharmed & 3.56 Sec Video


by Sean Szymkowsi as republished from GMAuthority

Pro Line Racing’s Eric Dillard walked away from a crash during a private practice session, according to DragZine.

The accident occurred at Virginia Motorsports Park in General Racing’s latest “El General” C7 Corvette dragster. Earlier in the day, Dillard managed to wrestle out a 3.56-second pass at 224 mph in the C7 Corvette dragster. According to the report, that time makes for one of the fastest times ever posted by a door slammer. Continue reading

First-Ever 1963 Z06 Corvette Stingray – Dave MacDonald Picks Up, Then Races Z06 #684 At Riverside

The First Z06 Corvette Was a Race Car!

Dateline: 8.30.15 – The original Z06 was Duntov’s “racer kit” for the then-new 1963 Sting Ray. Unlike modern Z06s, there was no flash to the first Z06, it was strictly hardware designed for the racetrack – no badges, special body panels, or designations at all! But considering the official “we don’t race” policy of GM, 199 1963 Fuel Injected Corvettes with heavy-duty brakes and suspension, wasn’t anything in GM’s big picture. But, if you wanted to race your Corvette in ’63, it was everything, and Duntov made sure you got what you needed.
Thanks to the SCCA rules that allowed the 2000-pound Cobra to race against the 3100-pound Corvette, even with the Z06 racer kit, the Vette was at a serious disadvantage. Continue reading

Vette Videos: 505-Horsepower LS7-Powered Duntov Motors Grand Sport

Dateline: 3.11.12

The Civilized Grand Sport Corvette Replica – Sort of…

Today you can go to your local Chevrolet dealer today and buy a Grand Sport Corvette to your liking.  Almost 50 years ago, there were only five Grand Sport Corvettes in existence and they were NOT for sale. “Unrealized potential,” “the ultimate could’a been Corvette” and many other expressions tell the original Grand Sport Corvette story. Unlike today’s C6 Grand Sports, the originals were all-out racing Corvettes, designed to give the Cobras a good run for it.

But GM had a completely different attitude about racing back then that can be nicely described as “backward.” Fortunately, all five original Grand Sports are still around. Along the way, there have been numerous companies that offered Grand Sport replicas – some, better than others. But today there is only one “officially licensed” by GM, Grand Sport replica, and that is the Duntov Motors Grand Sports.

Continue reading

Vette Shows: The Sights of C1 Corvettes at the 2011 30th Corvettes at Carlisle Show

Dateline: 9.4.11
2011 Corvettes at Carlisle Week continues with coverage of 1953 to 1962 C1 Corvettes!

Over the years, Corvettes have evolved into ultimate American supercar. Yea, there are a handful of high-end exotics that can walk away from a C6 ZR1, but with enough $$$, you can do nearly anything. But like Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings trilogy series, Corvettes turned out to be the most unlikeliest of heroes when you look at the earliest Corvettes. While the ‘53 – ‘54 Corvette was a fine-looking car compared to its contemporaries, good looks will only get you so far. Thankfully, the 265 Chevy small-block arrived just in time. If there had been no SBC engine, the Corvette never would have made it into the ‘60s.

[nggallery id=28]

The difference between a ‘53 Blue Flame Six and a ‘62 Fuel Injected Corvette with the racer kit options is astonishing. By ‘62, Fuelie Corvettes had a near strangle hold on SCCA A/Production racing. Established racers such as John Fitch and Dr. Dick Thompson helped carry the banner forward and start up racers including the great Dave MacDonald, and Dick Guldstrand Continue reading

Vette Videos: Experience the C5-R Corvette at Le Mans!!!

Dateline: 8.13.11
Come on! Let’s take a HOT LAP around Le Mans in a C5-R Corvette!

After decades of “why can’t we have a factory Corvette racing team?” Chevrolet and GM finally got behind a racing Corvette in ‘97, the way they did with NASCAR Chevrolets. With the vastly superior C5 platform, Chevrolet and Pratt & Miller engineers took their time developing all aspects of the C5-R. The results were SPECTACULAR!

The C5-Rs raced for 5-1/2 seasons, with the half season being ‘99 with only 5 races entered and one 2nd place finish. For the 2000 season the team entered eight races, taking one 1st place win at the Texas Motor Speedway. But it was 2001 that the Corvette Racing team hit their stride. In the 10 races for the season, the two-car team took eight 1st place wins and six 2nd place wins, PLUS, they won their class at Le Mans. In international sports car racing, the saying is that if you win at Daytona, a lot of people will notice. But if you win at Le Mans, EVERYONE will know!

Continue reading

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