Grand Sport Legend

Legend of the Grand Sport Corvette–Yes, a white-haired mechanical wizard fell in love with the young and beautiful Princess of The General (General Motors), in the stylish house of Chevrolet. Her name was Corvette and under the good graces of the House of Chevrolet’s Lord of Styling and Good Looks, Master Harley Earl she was the most beautiful machine in the entire kingdom of The General. Read More

Corvette Timeline Tales – August

The only thing hotter than an August day in Michigan was the all-new, 1963 Corvette Sting Ray. The GM Proving Ground was first opened in 1924 and was the industry’s first dedicated automobile testing facility. Located in Milford, Michigan, the facility is huge and today has 4,000 acres, 107 buildings, and employs around 4,800 people. Some say that in the summer months, out on the 4,000 acre black asphalt surface, the temperature can reach 140-degrees! Read More

The Story of Fiberglass, Pt. 2 – Making the Plastic Corvette

Unlike the one-of-a-kind Brooks Boxer and Alembic-I, the body had to be engineered for mass production. The directive was to lay out the body parts as if they were steel, which makes sense, as that’s what they were used to doing. Besides, fiberglass was the quick way to get to a body design that would later be made from steel. This was the plan at the time. Read More

Happy 70th Birthday/Anniversary Corvette!

What a very special day for lovers of Chevy’s “Plastic Fantastic”! The Corvette phenomenon was launched seventy years ago today. The car that few inside Chevrolet and GM understood and many wanted to see go… Read MoreRead More

Charlene Wood’s Custom 2021 Stingray

The Corvette world is mostly populated by male owners and in the past Vette Vues has put a spotlight on many Corvette gals, including; Jill Jahn’s 1959 Corvette; Lyn Adam’s 1964 Grand Sport Roadster replica and her 2009 GT1 Championship Special Edition Z06 (Lyn has owned 28 Corvettes in her life!); Joanne Woodard’s Custom 2016 Coupe (Joanne sold her 2016 Coupe and has a C7 that she’s customizing that we will cover); and we’ve covered Mary Carol Plott’s 1967 427 Coupe, 1971 Convertible, 1981 Coupe, and 2001 Z06. Read More

Mike & Linda Waal’s Grand Touring (GT) 1980 Corvette

See the USA in a Chevrolet, CORVETTE! Dateline: 4-5-22 (this story was first published in the April 2018 issue of Vette Vues Magazine) – The term “GT” is arguably one of the most misused automotive… Read MoreRead More

Z06 Corvette Review, Pt 1 – The 1963 Z06 Racer Kit

The C8 mid-engine Corvette is a arguably the biggest new in the world of Corvettes since the very beginning in 1953. Many of us thought Chevrolet would never offer such a Corvette, but here we are. And thanks to an established pattern of performance track-model Corvettes that started in 2001 when Chevrolet decided to brand the car, “Z06” after the one-year-only 1963 Corvette, subsequent new model Corvettes have offered a Z06 model. Within minutes after the C6, C7, and now C8 Corvettes were debuted, fans second question (after “how much is the new Vette?”) is, “Where’s the Z06?” Yes, we expect it and Chevrolet has not let us down since. Read More